The colour of love: Dawn French moves away from her all-black attire in a dress adorned with bright and bold hearts


By Georgina Littlejohn

What a sweetheart: Dawn French added a splash of colour to her black dress which was adorned with lots of brightly coloured love hearts

Every women knows that black is very slimming and can hide a multitude of sins.

But ever since she lost eight stone, Dawn French has played it safe in the dark colour, even on her gorgeous slimline new frame.

But today, the comedienne added a splash of colour and proved she was a real sweetheart as she arrived for the live TV interview.

Dawn looked very cute in a black dress which had been decorated with multi-coloured love hearts all over.

She beamed for the cameras as she took her seat on the This Morning sofa for a chat with hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield.

She spoke about her weight loss, kissing Michael Buble and working with Simon Cowell - which she said was still a mystery to her.

No more weight loss talk, please! Dawn told hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield that she was bored with people talking about her new slimline figure

Cowell recently spoke to the Daily Mail and said he would love Dawn to host a new cookery show that he is developing.

Dawn said: 'I found out about it in the press just as you did. I know there's a show he wants to do and I am going to talk to him about it, but I haven't yet, so I don't know.'

Her leading men: Dawn laughed as she spoke about kissing Michael Buble and teaming up with Simon Cowell for a new project

Another leading man for her is Michael Buble, who she kissed on his Christmas show Home For Christmas last year.

She said: 'How lovely was that? Wouldn't you like to get that call "would you like to kiss Michael under the mistletoe"? As a job! Wow! I'd have paid him!

'We get on very well, and he said "I've always wanted to work with you and I'd like to do some comedy", so I said "if you are honest about that, I will invent something for us to do". So that's what I'm doing at the moment!'

Rock chick: Dawn looked very chic in her denim jacket and biker boots as she arrived for a radio interview

She also opened up about her weight loss, as she had already done this week to a women's magazine, and admitted that while she looked and felt better, she missed her larger self.

She said: 'I kind of do because I did like myself, I've never disliked myself in any way and the weight has nothing to do with my self esteem... so I'm used to that old body, I know how it works, I know how it moves, and I'm less used to this newer one. That's all it is really.'

The comedienne and the crooner: Dawn appeared alongside Michael Buble - and kissed him - on his festive show Home For Christmas last year

Holly asked her if she was now bored of everyone talking about her dramatic weight loss and Dawn replied: 'Yeah I do! Well I suppose I've always thought that that isn't really what mattered, and yet by losing all this weight I realise that for a lot of people that is all that matters and that's really sad.

'And I refuse to dislike the old body and you know, I may have it again you never know!'

In demand: Simon Cowell, seen here at the BGT London auditions yesterday, said he would love Dawn to front a new show he is developing