Pecs appeal! Tom Hanks's musician son Chet Haze shows off his toned torso on Twitter

By Eleanor Gower

He has grown up being known for being the son of double Oscar winner Tom Hanks.

But Chet Haze is clearly hoping to make his mark for something other than having a famous father.

The 21-year-old wannabe rapper posted two shirtless pictures of himself on his Instagram account via Twitter yesterday, which showed off his toned torso.

Pumped up: Chet Haze showed off a toned torso on his Twitter page yesterday

The pictures were posted with the rather immodest line: 'Ladies... This is for you,' and showed Hanks posing in just a pair of black trousers.

A large tattoo was visible on his left upper arm, while a woman, appearing to be in underwear, lounged in the background of the short.

The shirtless pictures appeared to have done the job, with Hanks Jr attracting a few more followers on the social network.

'Wow, 300 new followers overnight? Lol, I should have took my shirt off a long time ago,' he wrote on Twitter today.

Wannabe: The son of Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson is hoping to make a successful rap career

Tweet haze: Chester posted the topless shots up via his Twitter page

Chet, real name Chester Hanks, is the first son of Rita Wilson and Tom, but changed his name to carve out his own identity as a musician.

'I took the name back as a kid,' he told The Huffington Post last year. 'When people didn't know who I was in terms of who my dad was, I wouldn't tell them.

'I would tell people my name is Chet Haze, because it sounds like Hanks, so if I slipped up - If you say Haze, it almost sounds like Hanks.

'So when I started [my music career], that's what came to mind. Like, what is the name I go by when I'm just doing me, you know what I'm saying?'

Famous family: Chet Haze, aka Chester Hanks, is the the first son for Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson

The wannabe rapper, who is currently a student at Northwestern university, released rap track White and Purple last year and a song called Hollywood.

'I wouldn't classify it as pop, I wouldn't classify it as rap,' he told The Huffington Post.

'It's pretty much pop-rap. What I'm trying to do right now is have music that you can hear on the radio, because I'm in a stage where I want to have a good product, a product that will sell, and I want to just push it and push it and push it. So far it’s been working.'