The smile that says I'm free! Katie Holmes emerges without her wedding ring for the first time since filing for divorce

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•Katie filmed a guest spot on Project Runway: All Stars
•She claims her marriage to Tom Cruise was 'irretrievably' broken for at least six months
•She 'fears Tom Cruise planned to send Suri away to hardcore Scientology organisation Sea Org'
•Police called to investigate 'heavily armed gunmen watching star'
•Her lawyer father helped to plot divorce action

By Daily Mail Reporter

Single and smiling: Katie Holmes left the Parsons School of Design after taping Project Runway in New York City today

Katie Holmes has emerged for the first time since filing for divorce from her husband Tom Cruise last week.

The 33-year-old actress, who has looked decidedly tense and unkempt in recent weeks, cut a stylish and serene figure as she headed to film a guest spot on Project Runway: All Stars in New York today.

Her smile evoked memories of the famous picture of Nicole Kidman leaping with joy after her own divorce from Cruise in 2001.

She wore a navy and black shirt-dress, soft make-up and a slick ponytail for the outing but one accessory was noticeably absent - her wedding ring.

Defiant: The 33-year-old looked in surprisingly good spirits during the outing

It's the first time the actress has removed her sparkling five-carat engagement diamond and band since marring the Top Gun star five years ago and she made a point of holding up her left hand for all to see.

Project Runaway judge Isaac Mizrahi said Holmes was professional and even upbeat during taping.

'She did great,' he told People after the show.

Added an insider: 'She was engaged, articulate and wonderful!'

The pre-arranged taping was filmed at Parsons The New School of Design and will air later this year.

It was risky business as usual for Cruise yesterday, who was once again spotted boarding a helicopter in Reykjavik, Iceland.

He was heading to the remote location where he is filming his new sci-fi movie, Oblivion.

Cruise will celebrate his 50th birthday tomorrow on the set of his new film, as friends told how he was ‘totally devastated and heartbroken’ by the marriage split.

At war: Katie's estranged husband Tom Cruise emerged in Iceland today with a face like thunder

No ring: It is the first time Katie has been seen without her wedding band

Today it emerged that Holmes is claiming her marriage to Cruise was 'irretrievably' broken for at least six months.

She filed for divorce from her husband of five years last week in New York and, according to official documents, she said their union had been over for some time.

However, sources close to Tom says Katie's version of events are baffling, telling gossip website TMZ he had 'no idea' she was going to legally end their marriage.

Holmes - who wants sole custody of the couple's six-year-old daughter, Suri - also claimed both she and Tom have been residents of New York for 'at least two years', even though their main family home is in Beverly Hills, California.

Glowing review: Project Runaway judge Isaac Mizrahi said Katie did a 'great' job

Back to her best: The actress (pictured left this morning and right on May 30) looked polished today following a tense few weeks

She must establish legal residency in New York in order for the court to have jurisdiction, which is something she wants because New York courts are more likely to grant her sole custody of Suri.

However, 49-year-old Tom - who also has two children, Isabella, 19, and 17-year-old Connor, with second wife Kidman - will fight the residency claim and wants the legal proceedings switched to California, where courts are more likely to grant joint custody of a child.

Since the news of the divorce was announced, Tom admitted he was 'deeply saddened' but sources claim he will respond by filing his own divorce papers in California.

New lease of life: Nicole Kidman was full of joy as she left an attorney's office after her divorce settlement with Tom Cruise back in 2001

End of an era: Tom and Nicole were married before Katie came along - but their marriage disintegrated in 2001

Meanwhile it has been claimed that neighbours of the actress called police last week amid fears she was being followed.

Law enforcement were first alerted to the unidentified men surrounding Katie's Chelsea apartment building on Friday, but were unable to take any action because the former Dawson's Creek star didn't make the call herself, sources tell the New York Post.

Yesterday, the men, who were reportedly armed, were pictured sitting inside a white Cadillac Escalade, taking pictures and questioning several people outside of the actress's apartment building.

Spotlight: She made her way through the media pack

And as fears, suspicion and speculation mounted, the mysterious car was finally approached yesterday by police.

According to the Post, police checked the vehicle's Tennessee number plates and questioned the men inside, but could not elicit any substantial answers.

Even a reporter from the New York Post approached the car to question the men's intentions, but were met with stony silence.

Since being spotted in the cars there has been intense speculation about who the men are and where they come from.

Focusing on work: The actor boarded a helicopter from Reykjavik to the set of his new movie Oblivion

Many reports speculate that they are members of the controversial Scientology church, while other say they are private Investigators, allegedly hired by Cruise, who are keeping tabs on Katie and her whereabouts.

However, a lawyer for the Church Gary Soter told TMZ that the Scientology movement is 'not following Katie or conducting surveillance on her in the wake of her divorce with Tom Cruise'.

Sources say that Katie saw this coming, prompting immediate action and secretive moves.

Surrounded: Yesterday, the reportedly heavily armed men were pictured sitting inside a white Cadillac Escalade, taking pictures and questioning people outside of Katie's apartment building

'Katie saw all the pressure - [Scientologists] are professionals at pressuring people to be quiet,' a source told the Post. 'That’s why she did this in secret.

'Suri is at the age where they are going to start educating her in Scientology centers and indoctrinating her into the religion.

'Katie did convert when she and Tom were married, but she didn’t take to it. Behind closed doors, and when the private planes and the red carpets were gone, she didn’t like it.

'And she decided she does not want that for Suri.'

Surrounded: Men with cameras have been seen surrounding Katie's apartment in Chelsea

Undercover: A man with an earpiece, thought to be part of Katie's security team, is seen talking on the phone outside her apartment building

The actress was allegedly convinced husband Tom Cruise was planning to send Suri, six, away to Sea Organisation - an association of Scientologists established in 1968 by L. Ron Hubbard, the science fiction writer and founder of Scientology.

Sea Org, as it is known, is where the highest levels of Scientology are taught and children as young as five can be sent to live there - without their parents.

The company has been often compared to a boot camp and several ex-Scientologists (including Oscar winner Paul Haggis) have been outspoken against its military-like conditions.

Followed? Katie is said to have been trailed for several days

Initially created at sea, maritime customs and traditions persist today even in the land-based branches of the organisation.

It claims to act as goodwill representatives and administrators of Scientology with the stated purpose to 'get ethics in on the planet.' And a source told website TMZ that Cruise is a big fan.

The website claims that Katie and Tom had been arguing over Suri's indoctrination into Scientology -- and it seems that for Katie talk of her six-year-old joining Sea Org was the final straw.

Support system: Katie's father Martin Holmes, a prominent Ohio-based attorney, is said to be helping his daughter with the divorce

If looks could talk: Katie did not look happy during the couple's last sighting in Iceland on June 16

However, the Church of Scientology is adamant no one under 16-years-old can join - including A-list offspring Suri.

The Church's lawyer released a statement saying minors must have 'consent of both parents and/or all legal guardians' in order to join.

Katie was said to have been planning the big move from the Manhattan apartment she shared with Tom to her own Chelsea apartment for several weeks.

Strangely, Radar report that the new home is said to be the same block Penelope Cruz lived in following her split from Tom.

Tug of love: Katie in New York with Suri last week

Katie apparently finally began the divorce process when Tom travelled to Iceland to film his latest movie Oblivion.

It has been revealed that Katie's Ohio-based attorney father Martin was a key figure in actress's final shock decision to divorce Cruise.

According to People, Katie's father came to New York and immediately stepped in to help.

'Her father came into town and fired (people surrounding Katie),' a source told the magazine.

'He took control. He was worried about his daughter.'

However, the final decision was down to Katie and only Katie.

Big part: The Church Of Scientology has played a big part of the now estranged couple's lives

'She's a strong person and makes up her own mind. She's unwavering,' the source added.

Cruise appeared oblivious to his wife's discontent just two weeks ago and gushed about her at a ceremony to accept his Friars Club Foundation Award just two weeks ago.

Tom who took his children Suri and Connor as dates to the event, said after he picked up his award: 'My wife who couldn't be here tonight, I have to thank, she made this suit for me. She's amazing. I'm very lucky to be married to her.

Focused on work: Tom was pictured on filming his new movie Oblivion in Iceland last Wednesday

He then added, according to Usmagazine: 'She's in China working.'

The couple are worth around $275million - much of that owing to Tom's box office success.

The terms of the pre-nup are understood to be clear, although she is likely to contest it.

For each year the couple stay married, she collects $3million - to a maximum of $33 million after 11 years - as well as their palatial home in California.

Dream wedding: The pair married in an Italian castle in 2006 and filed their marriage certificate in California

If their marriage had lasted more than 11 years, Holmes would have received half of Cruise’s reportedly $250million fortune.

After filing for divorce less than six years later, according to the agreement, Katie should only be entitled to $15million as well as the couple's $35million Beverly Hills Mansion

But with an estate worth upwards of $275million, Katie is expected to seek much more and there is already intense speculation as to how much she will collect when the papers are signed.

source: dailymail