Denise Welch calls police over 'evil' online tormentor who is urging her to kill herself

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By Daily Mail Reporter

Targeted: Denise Welch has called in cops after receiving a barrage of online abuse from a Twitter user who told her to slit her wrists

Worried Celebrity Big Brother winner Denise Welch has called in police after being tormented by a cyber stalker who is urging her to kill herself.

TV star Welch has been left living in fear after a nasty online bully has been targeting her on Twitter.

The 'evil' stalker has constantly berated the Loose Women presenter after she announced her marriage split earlier this week.

And she felt compelled to call in cops after the abuser went so far they urged her to 'slit her wrists' and dubbed her a 'w**re pig'.

The online abuse was obviously affecting Denise as she took to her Twitter page at 5am yesterday morning to reveal she hadn't been able to sleep as a result of the vile messages.

She wrote: 'Can’t sleep after strange day! Thank you for your loyalty and love. Makes the haters easier to deal with.'

Taking action: Denise messaged her abuser on the social networking site and warned them they have been traced by cops

And she decided to confront the abuser, who adopts the user name @allmoney1, head on by reposting all of his disturbing comments for all her followers to see.

A string of messages included: 'Hope Tim Healy gets paternity test and Denise Welch slits her wrists the disgusting w**re pig.

'Charity work my a**e. Coke up your nose and d*** up your hole more like. Hope your kids euthanise you in a yr or two.’'

Tactic: Denise insists she's made of stern stuff and will be fine but opted to repost the vile messages for her Twitter fans to see

And he also posted messages to Reservoir Dogs star Michael Madsen, who famously fell out with Denise in the CBB house.

The unknown user wrote to the actor: 'You should have won man. Your a legend. Denise Welch is mental.

'So glad all the s**t on Denise Welch has hit the papers. What a scummy bully s**g.

'So disgusting the carry on of Denise Welch on Loose Women and her pride in affairs and drunken behaviour. She’s no role model.

'Michael Madsen, you’re a gentle man sir. You should have won. That Denise is human waste.'

Tough Times: The soap star appeared on Loose Women on Monday to announce she's split from her husband of 23 years, Tim Healy

Young lover: Denise says she did not have an affair with party planner Lincoln Townley as she had been single for some time

The 54-year-old soap star has now sent a message back to the vile abuser warning him that she is taking action over the worrying insults.

She added in a personal plea to the Twitter user: 'Please stop being horrible to people you don’t know. You’ll be much happier.

'By the way, my work have reported you to the police and they’ve traced you.
'Have a good day.'

The actress went on Loose Women on Monday to announce she had separated from her husband of 23 years, Tim Healy following allegations in the press about her having an affair.

In the past: Only two weeks ago Denise and Tim put on a public display of affection but vile messages have hurt the TV star

Good-time girl: Denise strips down to her underwear as she parties with husband Tim and friends at a party after her Celebrity Big Brother win

And she's faced the barrage of torments ever since.

Speaking to the Daily Star about the abuse, she reveals the outpouring of love from her fans has helped her get through the criticism.

She tells the newspaper: 'With all of the amazing response from the public, and especially on Twitter, it’s a shame that just a few horrible and evil faceless tweeters will get extra publicity for writing such vile things.

'I’m made of stern stuff so I’ll be fine.

'I don’t normally respond but I just felt they needed putting in their place.'

The way we were: Tim and Denise on their wedding day in 1988 at Haringey registry office

And bosses at her ITV show Loose Women have revealed they are aware of the 'simply vile abuse'.

A Loose Women source said: 'Denise has seemed tired and emotional all week so it is best for her to spend time with her family and have a break from it all. She has a big year ahead career-wise.'

The actress now plans to take a short break before heading back to the theatre to star in a production of Steel Magnolias.