Inside Courtney Stodden's photo album: Teen bride as a fame-hungry 12-year-old... posing with sisters in first bikini shoot


By Sarah Fitzmaurice

Not so sweet and innocent: In a black and white picture from her very first photoshoot, taken with her two sisters, aspiring model Courtney is seen striking an unnerving smile beyond her years, as she gazes into the camera

She’s the 17-year-old teen bride who has caused controversy with overtly sexual behaviour and risqué ensembles.

And judging by these photos it appears Courtney Stodden has been fame-hungry from a very early age.

In a black and white picture from her very first photoshoot, taken with her two sisters, aspiring model Courtney is seen striking an unnerving smile beyond her years, as she gazes into the camera.

Dressed in simple triangle bikini with her long hair covering her chest, the aspiring model looks far younger than her made-up look these days - but her desire to be in the spotlight is clear for all to see.

The family snap is only five years old and Courtney’s mother and business manager has revealed to RadarOnline that the blonde is ‘12, or 13-years-old’ in the snap, which was taken as part of her very first photoshoot.

Courtney rose to fame as Green Mile star Dough Hutchinson’s teen bride after marrying the actor in May this year, aged just 16-years-old.

Now and then: Courtney looked decades older in photos now but the snaps shown were taken while she was aged between 11 and 14-years-old

Little exhibitionist: Courtney appeared to have always wanted to be seen in front of a camera lens even from a young age

It has been reported that the teenager was first signed to a modelling agency four or five years ago.

As these pictures of Courtney aged 11 to 14-years-old, show she has always been eager to appear in front of the camera.

The aspiring reality star, who recently visited MTV for a meeting about a possible show, is seen showing off he skills as a model as well as a photographer.

In some of the pictures Courtney is seen taking the picture herself and in others she is captured filming herself.

Model in the making: Courtney is seen in different outfits working the camera as she practices her model poses

Courtney appeared fresh faced in the shots and appears to have considerably less makeup than she wears now.

There is also no trace of the lashing of fake tan she has become accustomed to wearing as a 17-year-old.

Her hair is also much more natural and she appears to be showing off her natural hair colour, a stark contrast to her peroxide blonde locks of today.

One shot shows Courtney eating a chocolate cookie with cream around her mouth while another sees the fame-hungry teen enjoying a boat ride with friends.

Sultry poses: Two other shots so the aspiring model looking away from the camera striking a sultry pose

Action girl: One snaps shows Courtney firing a gun dressed in a pair of jeans and a purple tank top with a blue and white striped vest over the top

The pictures which show Courtney as a sweet faced normal team come after she and her husband filmed a spot on Dr. Drew, where the couple described why they were kicked out of a pumpkin patch last week.

Courtney appeared to make matters worse for herself as she slurred her way through the interview on Dr. Drew's Lifechangers and consistently fidgets as she perches herself on the addiction medicine specialist's couch.

Fresh faced: In the snaps Courtney looks completely different to how she looks now

Different looks: Courtney, who married Green Mile star Doug Hutchinson in May at aged 16-years-old looked much younger than now in these old snaps

Dressed in a revealing pink mini dress, her behaviour can only be described as odd.

Even Doug himself is forced to interject at numerous times, when the teen bride attempts to speak on her own behalf.

In the clip, the pair explain the incident, which lead to the teenage bride being asked to leave the PG13 event after furious parents complained about her inappropriate behavior.

Doug confirms that they were indeed kicked out of the event.

At home and out and about: These shots show Courtney filming herself at home and another wearing a bikini enjoying a day out on a boat

'One thing about the pumpkin patch fiasco; we were kicked off the pumpkin patch,' Doug explains.

'We went to pick out pumpkins the other day... Courtney was dressed as you saw her in sort of the Daisy Duke like thing.'

'Was she kicked out for the attire?' asks Drew.

As Doug repeats the question and before he can answer Drew, Courtney interjects.

Naughty school girl? In some of the shots the aspiring model appears to be putting on a seductive pose

Who knew what she would become? Courtney, who was kicked off a pumpkin patch for her sexual behaviour with her husband looked sweet and innocent

Posing and pouting, she is seen slurring her words.

'The women were coming up to the manager and complaining,' she says .
'Because of the kids?' Drew asks.

'Because of the kids,' Courtney replies sarcastically, making quotation mark gestures with her fingers as she sways back and forth on the couch.