TOWIE's Sam Faiers is rushed to hospital for brain scan after girl gang beat her unconscious, as sister Billie is also attacked


By Nadia Mendoza

Earlier in the evening: Sam and Billie Faiers started the night having cocktails at luxury hotel The Sanderson

Sam Faiers was attacked so viciously by a gang of 10 girls last night that she was rushed to hospital for an emergency brain scan.

The ITV2 star, 20, spent the night recovering at Whipps Cross Hospital near Leytonstone after suffering two black eyes, swollen nose and bruises.

Trouble started on Saturday evening during a night out with sister Billie, 21, at The Jet Black Club off Tottenham Court Road.

Attacked: Bille doubles over as she is attacked in front of spectators

The group of girls targeted Billie, stealing her £2,500 Mulberry handbag containing her mobile phone and cash.

Sam and Billie complained to bouncers, who then threw the culprits out.

However, it was when reality TV beauty Billie left the club that she was attacked by screaming girls waiting outside the venue.

Dragged away: Billie is pulled away by her arm as she continues to argue with someone on the opposite side of the railings

A passer-by caught the action on their camera phone, which shows Billie being thrown to the floor, being called a 'slag' and having her hair yanked.

The pavements were thronging with revellers who stopped to witness the action, yet no one appeared to be able to successfully break up the fight.

Eventually, she made her escape and and took a taxi back to a friend’s
house in Essex.

After the incident, Sam received a phone call from the thieves who were using her sister’s mobile.

Lending a hand: A group of men try to protect Billie from getting into further danger

Seeking revenge: Billie decides she wants to confront the girls again and turns back on herself

They reportedly said they would hand it back to her if she met them in a field at Repton Park in Chigwell, Essex.

It was when Sam went to the field with a friend that she was set upon.

A spokesman for the pair said: 'It was an unprovoked and horrific attack.'

Unbeknown to Sam, 10 girls were waiting for her, ready to kick and punch her to the ground, despite her pleas for them to stop.

Intimidating: An unknown girl then approaches Billie, as the TOWIE star stumbles around and tries to find her footing

The gang are believed to have run away after thinking they had killed her.

Sam's friend, who was also attacked, took her by taxi to the hospital, where Billie later joined them.

Brentwood Police are due to interview the girls about their ordeal, but a Met Police spokesman said it had not received a crime report yet.

Sam’s manager Adam Muddle from Money North said: 'Both girls
are now recovering at home.'

Confrontation: Unknown of the dangers ahead, Billie walks back to the girl screaming at her

The Faiers' co-stars have been showing their support on Twitter, with many of the TOWIE crew saying the attack was sparked by jealousy.

Mark Wright wrote: 'Hearts with @SamanthaFaiers and @BillieFaiers 2night. Chin up girls its jealousy. Get well. Thinking of u. Love u both x'

James 'Arg' Argent revealed he had spoken to Sam and 'thank God she said shell be ok!'

Maria Fowler added: 'Sending my love to @SamanthaFaiers and @BillieFaiers hope they're ok. Jealousy is an illness!!! be strong girls! xxxxxxx'

Victim: A girl approaches Billie from behind and yanks her hair, making her fall to the ground

Cat fight: Billie's female attacker is then led away by a security guard

While Chloe Sims said: 'Thinking of you tonight girls @SamanthaFaiers @BillieFaiers big kiss and cuddle, xxx'

Lydia Bright and Lauren Pope also sent condolences, while Harry Derbridge wrote: 'Sending all my love to sam and billie, when I found out I was so upset. Them girls are so lovely, shows what jealous brings!

'feeling really sad tonight, them girls are so lovely and did not deserve it at all, love you so much girls, i will always be there for yous!

'@BillieFaiers love you sooo much, gonna try come see you tomorrow, love you xxxxxxx'

Lucy Mecklenburgh said whoever committed the crime 'should b ashamed' adding, 'Hope they get wat they deserve! Scum!'