'Kim Kardashian shopped around for a basketball star husband for her TV show'

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By Lucy Buckland

Together but apart? As rumours float online about the couple's marriage, the pair put on a united front outside the Izakaya Restaurant on Third Street in Los Angeles, yesterday

They have tried to brave the storm that their marriage is crumbling just nine weeks in.

But now a new report alleges that reality star Kim Kardashian shopped around for a basketball star husband for her TV show, and was turned down by one Italian sports star.

The report from gossip website Radar adds extra weight to rumours the lavish wedding was nothing less than an elaborate set up.

Keeping warm: Kim Kardashian protected herself from the cold in a furry jacket by Jahaanara and thigh high boots

Reports on the U.S website suggest Kim was so keen to date an athlete, she got her producers to call round top teams offering a date.

And according to Wetpaint,com E! television producers contacted Danilo Gallinari, a player for the New York Knicks, to see if he was interested in starring on a reality show and dating the 31-year-old reality star.

A source told the website: 'Danilo said he would love to meet Kim but was not interested in dating her or being on a reality show.

'Even though E! explained it would be great for his career, Gallinari turned the offer down.'

Did Kim want a basketball star husband to launch her TV show? Kim Kardashian steps out yesterday after new rumours emerge surrounding her marriage

No comment: The Kardashian camp have not responded to the rumours surrounding E! producers calling around basketball teams

In the past Kim has said she met her future husband after attending a basketball game in New Jersey with a friend.

The friend then set up a team dinner, reported Wetpaint, and the rest is history.
The couple seen putting on a firm show of unity as they stepped out in New York to celebrate Kim's 31st birthday.

As the allegations surfaced yesterday the grim-faced couple were seen out for dinner in Los Angeles.

Dressed in a furry jacket by Jahaanara and thigh high boots Kim smiled for the cameras as her husband looked casual in jeans and a grey sweatshirt.

Shopping list: Reports suggest Kris Humpries (left) was second on Kim's list as her people called Danilo Gallinari first

Thanks, but no thanks: Danilo Gallinari reportedly turned Kim Kardashian down

United front: Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries were last seen together at Kim Kardashian's 31st birthday party

At the huge bash Kris was seen putting a protective arm around his wife, who has just landed a role in the next Tyler Perry movie The Marriage Counselor, and the pair were all smiles to the waiting cameras.

Since the pair got married they have been dogged by rumours, including allegations Kris received a lap dance from two women.

Then it emerged Kris was no longer being represented by Kim's agents at William Morris Endeavor Entertainment.

Together: Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries arrive together to watch Robert Kardashian on Dancing with Stars in Los Angeles

The look of love? Although the newlyweds were all smiles at the birthday bash last week, rumours have dogged the couple since their August wedding

WME insists it had never represented Kris -however MailOnline saw an email exchange between an industry insider and the company which suggests the firm did represent Kris at one point before recently parting ways.

Kim and Kris, who married in a lavish wedding in August have spent considerable time apart since becoming man and wife as globe-trotting Kim keeps up with her hectic schedule.

Despite Kris currently having considerable free time on his hands thanks to the NBA lock-out, he didn't accompany his wife to Dubai, with Kim heading to the United Arab Emirates with her mother Kris instead.

Business as usual: Kim met with TV producer Nigel Lythgoe today for a meeting