Rain stopped play: Coleen Rooney takes Kai for a stroll around Krakow but soon changes her mind as the drizzle kicks in

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By Georgina Littlejohn

With the recent downpours putting an abrupt halt to the British summertime, football fans have no doubt have looked on in envy at the humid temperatures in Poland and Ukraine.

So it was hardly surprising that Coleen Rooney was itching to get out and about and make the most of the nice weather after arriving in Krakow to support husband Wayne and the England team.

But as Sod's Law would have it, as the sun came out across Britain this morning, the heavens decided to open in Eastern Europe, much to the WAG's dismay.

Should have stayed at home! Coleen Rooney shelters from the rain under a huge umbrella as she takes son Kai for a stroll in Krakow

Coleen was snapped leaving her hotel in Krakow with her son Kai all snug and tucked up inside his buggy with his raincover protecting him, and her brother Anthony.

But according to onlookers, they didn't stay out very long, the wet weather changing their minds quickly and the gave up on the idea of stretching their legs and headed back indoors again.

Coleen, Kai and Anthony arrived in the country yesterday by private jet from Liverpool John Lennon Airport ahead of England's next game against Sweden tomorrow night.

Shall we brave it? Coleen looks up at the sky as she pushes Kai's buggy out of the hotel door

Forget it, we're going back: The rain was too much for them and they quickly headed back to their hotel

And she was clearly delighted to be reunited with her man as she took to her Twitter page and wrote: 'So nice to see @WayneRooney today, Kai was so happy and is looking forward to seeing him again Sunday! Night night from rainy Poland.'

Wayne is suspended for the first two matches of the championships but they had the chance to celebrate their fourth wedding anniversary, which was on Tuesday.

We're on our way! Coleen Rooney, son Kai and brother Anthony McLoughlin prepare to board a private jet out to Poland for Euro 2012

Daddy's boy: Rooney's son Kai is kitted out for the Euros

Meanwhile, other WAGs seen arriving in Poland today include Kaya Hall, the
girlfriend of Manchester United defender Phil Jones, goalkeeper Joe Hart's partner Kimberly Crew, former captain John Terry's wife Toni and Andy Carroll's girlfriend Stacey Miller.

The arrival of Wags - wives and girlfriends - at the tournament signifies a shift in stance after previous manager Fabio Capello banned them, believing they distracted his players.

Arrivals: Coleen, Anthony and Kai make their way out to the runway at Liverpool John Lennon Airport

Travelling in style: The trio get ready to board their private jet

And there has been a mixed reaction from England fans to their arrival.

Matthew Heaps, 25, from Preston, said: 'It's a good idea for them to come here. I think they deserve to be here. The players should be treated with respect. I'm all for it.'

Robert Cleary, 27, from Birmingham, said it would be fine as long as the players do not 'take the mick'.

And so it begins: Toni Terry, wife of John, is one of the first WAGs to arrive in Poland

He added: 'As long as they go out and train hard, play hard on the pitch, if they've got the missus around then that's all right. Keep them happy.'

Caroline Milford, 50, from Gillingham, Kent, claimed the WAGS could be a 'good luck charm'.

She said: "Let's hope they're what the team needs to progress, hopefully to the final."

But James Blair, 23, from Middlesbrough, said the England team 'should be a lads thing'.

Kicking back: England players Joe Hart, Ashley Cole, Joleon Lescott and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain were seen strolling back to their hotel in Krakow this afternoon

Cuddling up: Theo Walcott was seen with his girlfriend Melanie Slade, while Phil Jones' girlfriend Kaya Hall looked to be enjoying some sightseeing

Fairytale entrance: Kaya was spotted enjoying a carriage ride in Krakow

He said: 'They're here to play football and to work. I'd rather they spent more time with the fans rather than the WAGS.'

His friend, Marc Thomas, 23, said: 'If I was a professional I'd rather concentrate on my job than have my girlfriend over here.

'It's only a couple of weeks.'

Stylish arrival: Coleen looked as groomed as ever as she touched down in Krakow after her flight

Tight grip: Coleen's brother was seen keeping hold of his nephew, who looked delighted to be there to support his father