'I am ready to fight': Heartbroken Myleene Klass vows to stop husband Graham Quinn from getting any of her £12m fortune

By Lucy Buckland

Heartbroken Myleene Klass has vowed to fight estranged husband Graham Quinn to keep her £12million fortune - telling friends she is fed of being the victim.

The devastated mother-of-two has made a plea to bodyguard Quinn not to fight for any of her cash, but to keep divorce proceedings civil for the couple's two daughters Ava, four, and one-year-old Hero.

Myleene, 34, has told friends she is fed up of being perceived as the victim after her marriage breakdown was aired so publicly.

Putting on a brave face: Myleene Klass has said she is ready to fight her husband to stop him dipping into her £12million fortune

Quinn told Myleene he was leaving on her 34th birthday in April, just six months after they married.

But yesterday pals told The People Myleene is beginning to move on, saying: 'She is devastated her marriage split has become so public anyway so she wants to get all the loose ends tied up as quickly as possible.

'She is aware Graham could get a third of her money and he might decide to do that because he has been at her side for 11 years but she asks he does the decent thing and not cause her more heartbreak.'

Quinn has earned his own money form his bodybuilding business and Myleene has reportedly offered him half of the sale of their £2.5million home.

Heartbroken: Myleene is said to have told a friend she cannot believe her marriage is over

The TV presenter has tried to put on a brave face in the wake of Graham's departure but is said to be planning to sell the £3.2million home they shared in Hertfordhire.

Myleene is said to be staying at a friend's home in London with her children.

Two weeks ago Myleene, who has lost a considerable amount of weight in the wake of the split, pulled herself together to host a Jubilee concert in Hyde Park.

She was seen with her daughters who appeared to be blissfully unaware of their mother's pain.

It is claimed he has seen their two daughters, Ava, four, and Hero, one, just once since leaving the family home in Hertfordshire – and has barely spoken to Myleene.

‘Myleene still can’t take it all in,’ the friend told the Daily Mail. ‘Graham came home that night, packed his things and said he was off and that the marriage was over. Myleene begged him to stay – she thought there must be a way they could make it work.

In happier times: Myleene and Graham married in October last year but he walked out just six months later

‘But he’s barely spoken to her since. No one can understand it – of course they had their problems, just like any couple, but there was no warning sign, no big row beforehand.

‘They have two young daughters and he has responsibilities. Myleene’s been left with two little girls to look after on her own.

'Myleene has been in floods of tears for the past few weeks. Of course the heartbreak has affected how she looks – she’s not been eating much. It’s only really starting to sink in now that Graham won’t be coming back home and it’s over, but she’s still stunned.’

One off offer: Myleene Klass said her husband is welcome to half of the sale of their family home - but not her fortune

It appears that Graham's departure wasn't a spur of the moment decision and he already had a new flat lined up.

A source said: ‘When Graham left, Myleene thought he would be staying with friends. Then she found out he had bought a flat. You can’t just buy property in a few days – so he must have been planning his departure for months, which makes Myleene feel sick.’

The pair met 2001 when Quinn was a bodyguard for pop group Hear'Say which Myleene was part of.

However they split when it emerged that Mr Quinn had jumped bail after being arrested for heroin possession in Ireland.

Although the couple became engaged in 2005 they didn't marry until last October in a ceremony with just 16 guests.