'I thought I was going get shot': X Factor judge Tulisa's secret arrest after 'fleeing stabbing scene' with ex-boyfriend


By Fehintola Betiku

..Singer Tulisa has revealed she was arrested after fleeing the scene of a gangland stabbing with an ex-boyfriend.

The X Factor judge, who has made no secret of her sordid past, has revealed all in a new autobiography - and sensationally admits she called her manager before calling the police after the stabbing.

Tulisa revealed she was worried about her reputation if her involvement with the stabbing hit the headlines and to her credit she has kept no stone unturned in the dramatic book which tells the story of her rocky rise to fame.

Brave: Tulisa has revealed in a new autobiography how fled the scene of a stabbing with ex Adam Bailey as she was afraid of the repercussions it would have on career

Tulisa reveals a frightening incident where she arrested for fleeing from a crime scene where a man was stabbed.
She even had to take the stand to to defend her then boyfriend Adam Bailey's trail.

In September 2008 Tulisa, her cousin and former band mate Dappy were out in London celebrating her former boyfriend Adam Bailey's 24th birthday when a row involving up to 20 men broke out.

The book which was penned by Sean Smith and is serialised in the The People today, explains how Tulisa called her manager Jonathan Shalit instead of the police as the violence escalated because she was worried news of the brawl would affect N-Dubz image as they were readying the release of their first album.

Back in the day: Tulisa has said she was worried about her reputation after the incident

Smith wrote: 'Fortunately, on the night itself, Tulisa had the presence of mind to call Jonathan Shalit and any fallout was well-managed. Incredibly, the arrests of Tulisa and Bailey never made the papers at the time. That would certainly not happen today when she is a far bigger star.'

As a result of the incident a man named Mark Nagle had to spend two weeks in hospital after he needed emergency surgery to treat a stab wound.

Whereas Tulisa had to take to the stand at the Blackfriars' Crown Court after Bailey was accused of dangerous driving and wounding with intent.

X Factor: Tulisa has carved a career away from violence and is currently starting her second season of X Factor as a judge

Cheese: Tulisa posed up for fans as she inched her way down the X Factor carpet in sky high platform courts this week

Remembering the night clearly, in December 2009 the Young singer told the jury that she had just jumped out of her car when she noticed a gang of hooded men began walking towards her.

The 23-year-old told the jury: 'All I heard was, "Where’s the ’ting? Buss it’ (Slang for ‘Where is the gun? Shoot it’)." When I heard that, I thought, "Oh my God, he’s got a gun."'

She then described how Bailey attempted to divert the gang's attention by driving towards them at which point she ran back to her car and as she did so a member of the gang threw something in her boyfriend's car.

Tulisa explained how she watched on as Bailey lost control of the vehicle which did a 'full tumble' and led her to believe he was dead when the car finally came to a stop.

'I thought, "Oh my God, he’s dead." I was screaming hysterically. I thought, "If he’s not dead, they are going to jump on him and kill him,"' Tulisa continued.

Luckily Bailey emerged from the wreckage, hopped into Tulisa's car and the two sped off.

Smith revealed that the then couple informed the police the next day and both were arrested; Tulisa was freed and Bailey was later cleared following his court appearance in which the singer gave a 'dramatic' account.