TOWIE's Gemma Collins and James Argent finally share a kiss as Lydia Bright moves on with Tom Kilbey

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By J J Anisiobi

Viewers were last night left gasping in amazement when James Argent and Gemma Collins finally admitted their true feelings for each other.

The two stars of The Only Way Is Essex shared a cheeky kiss in the final episode of the fifth series, proving that Arg has finally moved on from his heartbreak with Lydia Bright.

Meanwhile, his ex-girlfriend also found a new love interest with Arg's former friend Tom Kilbey.

The new couple: TOWIE's James Argent and Gemma Collins share a kiss after admitting they like each other

The budding romance between Arg and Gemma has been brewing for some time but their secret tryst was not revealed until yesterday.

Arg, 24, had kept quiet about his relations with Gemma, 31, but confided in his best friends Joey Essex and James 'Diags' Bennewith at the Jubilee themed party.

With a cheeky mischievous grin, he admitted to the boys that she had performed a sexual act on him whilst they laid in bed together during a stint at boot camp in Marbella, Spain.

He said: 'I got into bed with Gemma and she gave me a hand job.'

Secret is out: The two bubbly characters have been flirting for a while but surprised viewers with their shock union

Happy days: Gemma cannot hide her delight after having told Arg that she loves him and gets her kiss

Unsure about his feelings when Joey asked if he thought anything more would become of their friendship due to the fact they get along really well, Arg said, 'There is chemistry... basically she’s a pretty girl in the face, but we’ve both got pretty bad metabolisms.'

He then quipped, 'But when I've had a few drinks it could happen.'

The surprise news about the bubbly pair quickly spread around the party and soon enough Gemma was informed that Arg had been boasting about it to people.

New flame: Tom Kilbey and Lydia Bright also shared their first kiss after discussing the fact that Arg had moved on

It must be love: Tom and Lydia could be the hot new couple in TOWIE, but will have competition from Arg and Gemma

Although she was slightly angered by his big mouth, Gemma followed Arg out of the party to confess her feelings to him.

Concealing her curves in a conservative blue dress, the former car saleswoman said: 'I love you Arg'.

He replied: 'I think you’re amazing... you have a big bubbly personality like me', and then they shared a very delicate kiss before giggling like school children.

Confession time: Arg told Joey Essex and James Diags that something had happened between him and Gemma in Marbella, Spain

It's no joke: Arg seemed slightly embarrassed when telling the boys about his secret rendezvous with Gemma

The embrace is sure to end Gemma's current relationship with new man Rami, and the blonde has already made her way through metro-sexual Charlie King, and sent saucy text messages to Ricky Rayment.

While Arg' finally appears to have moved on from his ex-girlfriend Lydia, she also started a new relationship with Tom Kilbey.

Heart to heart: Lydia's mother Debbie spoke with Arg about the nasty things had been saying about her daughter

The 21-year-olds met on the dance floor and had their first kiss after Lydia told Tom that she thinks Arg has moved on and they can be free to do what they like now.

Her presumption was correct as her ex had earlier apologised to her mother Debbie for saying nasty hurtful words about Lydia, before bursting into tears and hugging her.

Together again: James and Debbie make up after he apologises for his actions and breaks down in tears