From fat to fit in just FIVE hours: Blogger shows how to create those before and after fitness shots with the help of chips, soda, oil and a tanning b

By Daily Mail Reporter

How to: 'Furious Pete' explains to viewers that if sometimes those before and after shots seem impossible, then they probably are - but he is going to show us how

Want to get the body you've always dreamed of in just five hours?

One blogger and eating champion shows you how, without even having to deprive yourself of your favourite foods - in fact, you can eat potato chips and drink two litres of cola and still achieve the look.

Worth $60billion-a-year in America, the dieting industry is big business and many advertisements feature before and after shots to show you just how effective the product is.

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Do the after shot first: Pete says go to the gym and pump some iron to make sure you are as 'vascular as humanly possible'

Squeeze some more in: Right before the shot do a few more bicep curls just to add to that toned look (after you've been on a tanning bed)

Men and women with protruding, flabby stomachs and undefined arms and abs are often compared with the after shot of rippling six packs, bulging biceps and toned torsos.

A man called Furious Pete, who according to his website is the world's greatest eater, shows how the effect can be achieved in just five hours.

He says: 'Most of the time it's hard to believe that a supplement or training programme can make you look like this.'

Then he shows you how, by first preparing for his after shot.

Finishing touches: Spray yourself with cooking oil to ensure your body looks as slick as possible to really show up those muscles for the shot

Finally: Tense up your body and show off your muscles to maximum effect with the help of some good lighting and voila - the body you've always wanted

In the video 'expose' he tells viewers to get themselves to the gym, where they should 'pump as much iron as possible'.

'The first step is to reverse the process. Go to the gym and do as many bicep curls, tricep push downs and chest presses,' he says. 'Make sure you are as vascular as humanly possible.'

He then recommends going on a tanning bed so you can be as 'tan as humanly possible'. After that you should set up some good lighting and rub yourself in cooking oil.

Chow down: Now fore the before shot, rest yourself for a couple of hours to let that vascular effect go away and eat as much sodium-rich food as possible to retain water

More more more: Munch your way through a big bag of potato chips, the oilier the better (while using the least movement possible)

Burp: Wash it down with two litres of fizzy pop to really make your stomach big before washing it down with chocolate milk to 'bloat the hell out of it'

Fit to fat in five hours: The 'flabby' before shot is complete, proving how easy it is to go from toned to bloated in one day

Finished product: Most commercials say this difference can only be achieved using the latest weight loss product. Pete did it in one afternoon

Pete shows off the buff and slick after picture, which he admits he slightly Photoshopped.

Now for the before picture.

He says: 'Take two hours off, you worked hard. Rest up and make sure the vascularity disappears. Grab a bag of chips and down all of them.

'Grab yourself a two litre bottle of pop and drink it all. Diet pop works even better because it has more carbonation and will make your stomach even bigger.'

He then recommends drinking chocolate milk, saying: 'It will bloat the hell out of you.'

Then, the before shot is complete. Pete stands with his stomach hanging over his pants and the bulging biceps from just hours before have disappeared, proving that we 'shouldn't believe everything we see.'