'You look so much like Cheryl Cole': Cher Lloyd confronted about her transformation... but says she doesn't talk to the singer


By Alanah Eriksen

When Cher Lloyd performed on Sunday night's X Factor elimination show, fans were shocked at how much she looked like Cheryl Cole.

Missing the ripped jeans, chains and bike boots, the former contestant was world's away from her audition last year.

And now, the 18-year-old has been confronted about her transformation into a more demure version of herself.

More demure: Daybreak host Kate Garraway confronted Cher Lloyd about her recent transformation into lookalike Cheryl Cole

But she says she still hasn't spoken to her former mentor.

Daybreak host Kate Garraway, said to the Swagger Jagger singer yesterday: 'As soon as you appeared on the show... everyone said, and I'm sure you've had this all year, "Wow, you look so much like Cheryl Cole, you look like your old mentor." All of that kind of thing.

Nervous: A glossy-haired Cher laughed nervously when she was confronted

Uncanny: Fans said after she performed on X Factor on Sunday, left, that she looked like her former mentor Cheryl Cole

'Do you keep in touch with her because she's had a tough year actually. Probably tougher than you in some ways'

Cher laughed nervously and said: 'No i haven't really heard from her, which is a shame, you know because we were quite close on the show.

'But you know, things happen. It was a TV show and i don't expect people to have to keep in contact with me.'

He's mine! Cher brought along her boyfriend, hairdresser Craig Monk, for support

Clean-cut: Cher is missing the chains, ripped jeans and biker boots that shot her to fame when she auditioned for the X Factor last year

When Kate asked if her new glossy mane was a 'conscious thing', Cher said: 'That's just come with being happy.

'Sometimes you get really run down and you don't feel at your best. if you're happy within, it shows on the outside.'

She said she was a lot happier since leaving the show.

She's famous now: The 18-year-old was happy to sign autographs for fans yesterday

'I think, back then I was very frustrated and a bit angry. Now I am a happy girl.

'It helps that i don't need to fight as much as before.'

After Cher performed her new single, With Your Love, on Sunday's elimination show, fans took to Twitter to point out the resemblance.

One wrote: 'It's scary how much Cher Lloyd looks like cheryl cole.'

Another said: 'Cher Lloyd looks like a cross between Cheryl Cole and Selena Gomez.'

Times have changed: Cher also spoke about how she was a lot happier since leaving the show because she didn't 'have to fight'

Cher has been dating hairdresser Craig Monk, 21, since April.

She brought him to the ITV studios for support yesterday and was hugged him as she posed for photos and signed autographs.

Cher also spoke about her nerves on Sunday's show.

'It felt like I was back, properly back and in the competition in a away. I had more nerves than what i did when I was back on the show.

'And it was quite difficult to hype myself up and get ready to just go out there and do a really good performance.'