My Big Fat Gypsy Brother House: Paddy Doherty is crowned the winner of this year's show as Kerry Katona comes second

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By Georgina Littlejohn

My Big Fat Victory: Paddy Doherty is crowned this year's winner of Celebrity Big Brother 2011

He thought he would only be in the house for a week at the most but tonight Paddy Doherty was crowned as this year's winner of Celebrity Big Brother 2011.

The star of My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding looked stunned but elated when host Brian Dowling announced that he had received the most votes and was the winner.

He hugged Kerry Katona, who was this year's runner-up, and lifted her off the ground and punched his fist in the air before shouting: 'Wommmmannnnn!'.

He left the house to deafening cheers and blinding flashbulbs and soaked up the atmosphere looking very emotional.

Once in the hot seat with host Brian Dowling he thanked all the fans for voting for him and said he thought he would only be in the house for a week and there was no way he was going to win it.

He said: 'I thank all the people who voted for me. I swear I only thought I’d last one week, no way did I think I’d win, I had no game plan.'

Thank you everyone! Paddy shows his appreciation to the crowd waiting outside the house

Talking about his housemates, he said said he wasn't used to mixing with people outside of the travelling community but he found the whole experience to be fantastic.

He said he got on the best with Kerry and Darryn and said he believed he was like the father that Kerry never had.

And he said Darryn, who he called a 'proper true gentleman', bonded because he was like his equal and older than the other housemates and they would be lifelong friends.

It's me! Applauded by the evictees outside, Paddy cheers in delight as he and Kerry jump up and down upon hearing the news that he had won

Paddy was also tearfully reunited with his wife Roseanne and said the pair had never before spent more than four days apart.

Before he was given his moment in the spotlight, Kerry was crowned the runner-up and ran out of the house to loud applause and cheers.

She told her host that she couldn't believe she had come second and she said the show had helped her put a 'wrong right'.

She said her time in the house taught her that she is a 'strong, independent woman and I can stand on my own two feet' but she didn't like being given the task of acting like a diva as she wanted to make a good impression on her flatmates.

Second place: Kerry said she was delighted to be the runner-up
Brian asked Kerry about her and Lucien but she just cooed and said he is like her little brother.

Jedward, who many had tipped to win the show, came in third place, and leapt around like excited little boys when they name was called.

Once outside, they spoke all over each other and said: 'We had an awesome time, was so cool being in there. They all rocked!'

Brian told the twins that they hadn't received one single nomination while in the house and they said it was because the housemates had 'unconditional love' towards them.

Double trouble: Jedward leap on each other as they come third leaving Paddy and Kerry to battle it out

Amy Childs had been voted out just before them and strutted out of the house looking sensational in a sparkling gold dress and towering heels, blowing kisses to the audience.

She told Brian: ''Oh my god, I'm so excited to be out! I was so nervous, I thought everyone was going to boo me.'

She admitted that she had spray tanned earlier and annoyed the housemates as she got it everywhere and it took her all day to get ready for tonight's final.

When quizzed about Lucien and the budding romance that has kept viewers gripped, she said she didn't fancy him and added: 'Lucien is a friend and we've had a bit of flirting and a bit of banter but that's it.'

Golden girl: Amy Childs is greeted by applause and cheers as she leaves the house

Lucien left the house immediately before her, having been the third celebrity to miss out on their place in the final tonight, and was greeted by screams and cheers.

He said he was really nervous about facing the crowd outside the house but said going in was scary and added: 'To come in a house with such big personalities, I didn't think I would make it this far.'

Talking about the ladies in the house, he said: 'I might be a bit flirty at times but was just having a good time and a laugh.'

When Brain quizzed him about Amy he said he liked her at one point but has now come round and they're better off as mates.

I'm out! Lucien jumps for joy as he becomes the third housemate to leave the house tonight

As for Kerry, he said: 'She is a beautiful person and as gorgeous as she is, I see her as a big sister.'

Australian paparazzo Darryn Lyons was the second person to get the boot from the house and said he couldn't believe he'd got to the final night.

He said: 'I didn't think I make the final night, absolutely overawed and happy to come out at the middle of the group.

'My life's a rollercoaster and that won't change whether in the house or outside.'

Darryn also said he had an immediate connection to Paddy Doherty and called him his 'rock', a shoulder to cry on and tipped him to win.

G'day! Darryn Lyons gives a thumbs up as he faces the crowd upon leaving the house

And while he might have provided some eye candy for the female viewers, male model Bobby Sabel became the first housemate to be evicted from tonight's live final show.

The 25-year-old waafter he was shown the door by Big Brother and told Brian: 'It feels good to be back'.

Despite being greeted by a mixture of boos, cheers and wolf whistles, he told Dowling that he was delighted to see the audience when he came out.

He said: 'I loved it, absolutely loved, like being in solitary confinement with ten people and then coming out to see these people, it was great.'

First out: Bobby Sabel became the first housemate to leave tonight's live final