'I absolutely loathe hydrangeas': Madonna's ungracious aside as fan's floral gift fails to impress



Sweet gesture: At the start of the press conference an eager fan presented Madonna with a hydrangea

It was meant to be a touching gesture from an adoring fan.

But after one eager audience member presented Madonna with a hydrangea, the material girl was left less than impressed.

And the singer and actress was caught voicing her disgust at the gift because the press conference microphone was left on.

What was he thinking? She then turned to a friend who she gave a telling stare to

While she smiled and said thank you to the fan she quickly put the flower under the table before shooting a glaring look at her friend.

Madonna,53, then proceeded to turn to the person sitting to her right and remarked: ‘I absolutely loathe hydrangeas.’

She added: ‘He obviously doesn’t know that.’

Not impressed: Madonna was then heard telling the friend to her right that she absolutely loathed hydrangeas

The incident which left Madonna taking offence, happened at the Venice Film Festival press conference for her new film W.E.

And it is likely that the singer turned film director was unaware that cameras were already rolling as she ungraciously accepted the floral gift.

gnorance is bliss: The 53-year-old tells her friend that the man 'obviously doesn't know' that she hates the flower

Madonna has revealed that she is working on a new album which is set to be released early next year.

The popstar, who released Hard Candy three years ago told SVT that she is heading to New York to work on the music and said: 'I’ve started a little bit of work in the studio.'

Happy family: Yesterday Madonna and her children Rocco and Lourdes jetted to NYC

The star says the success of the Oscar-winning The King's Speech also gives audiences a point of reference for her new film, W.E.

'I view the success off that film as laying the ground work for my film,' she said in her press conference for the project.

'There's a little bit of history, and a little bit of knowledge. We are not starting from a blank slate.'

Glitter girl: During her time in Venice promoting her new film Madonna also found time to attend the GUCCI awards for Women in Cinema

source: dailymail