The amazing case of the shrinking Kardashian: Did Annie Leibowitz airbrush inches from Khloe's 5'10" frame?

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By Daisy Dumas

Animal instinct: The sisters appear strangely level, despite all wearing heels. Khloe, centre, is eight inches taller than her sister Kourtney, left, and seven inches taller than Kim, right

The Kardashian sisters pose in front of Annie Leibowitz's lens. Wearing their newly-launched Kardashian Kollection clothes, the girls look as comfortable - and gorgeous - as ever.

But, smouldering and glamorous as the results are, fashion commentators are questioning the photos' veracity.

Concentrate a little harder on the images and something soon seems... amiss.

Khloe Kardashian, 27, is a full seven inches taller than Kim, 30, and eight inches taller than Kourtney, 32, yet, strangely, looks evenly matched with her sisters in Annie Leibowitz's recent shoot.

In one shot, the three raven-haired sisters stride towards the camera. They all wear heels and various garish takes on animal print - but their heights appear very similar.

It's a miracle of nature that despite wearing heels, Khloe, 5'10", doesn't tower over her shorter sisters in the 'Kollection clothes, which hit stores on August 25.

In another, the women wear nothing but lacy underwear and stand shoulder to shoulder - even in heels, older sisters Kourtney and Kim would need massive seven inch heels to give them the requisite vertical boost.

Could the famed celebrity photographer have Photoshopped the reality TV stars?

Sister act: Fashion insiders have suggested that the racy new promotional shots of the Kardashian sisters may be Photoshopped to alter their heights

Fashion site Jezebel asks whether Khloe 'downed some Alice in Wonderland potion before posing... to make her 5'10" frame look smaller,' while readers have added that the trio look unrealistically Photoshopped.

It would not be the first time that the sisters have been digitally altered - they came in for criticism last year when an ad for their Beach Bunny swimwear showed the three looking the same height - despite Khloe wearing thing-high boots and, this January, a heavily airbrushed image of Khloe appeared on YRB magazine's cover.

Though no stranger to Photoshop, Leibowitz, 61, is better known for her now-legendary celebrity shots than for a fondness for digital augmentation.

That's better! The sisters look their usual heights at the launch of the clothing line two weeks ago in LA

So celebrated is Leibowitz's work that the world-renowned photographer had a whole London National Portrait Gallery exhibition devoted to her in 2008.

Certainly, her work made an impression on Kim, who blogged about the secretive shoot with 'living legend Annie Leibowitz' in May.

Despite her experience in front of cameras, Kim said the day was one to remember: 'What an amazing day! I swear this was such an eye opening day. She shot our Kardashian Kollection for Sears ad campaign!

'I can’t give away any details, but we have never been shot like this before and it was soooo fun shooting with Kourtney and Khloe… Mason even made a cameo!' wrote Kim.

The sisters' growing dominance in the fashion world looks in no danger of slowing down. Their high-end DASH boutiques - complete with pleasing-on-the-eye staff - go from strength to strength and the team are set open another store, Kardashian Khaos, in Las Vegas later this year.