Cristiano Ronaldo and Irina Shayk show off their incredible beach bodies as they frolic in the sea in St Tropez

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By Sarah Fitzmaurice

She spends her time posing in her underwear while he shows off his skills on the football pitch.

But it seems that Cristiano Ronaldo and his girlfriend Irina Shayk aren't too famous to goof around together.

The couple were seen play fighting in the sea as they enjoyed a day at the beach in St Tropez.

Bodies beautiful: Cristiano Ronaldo and Irina Shyak showed off their impressive figures as they enjoyed a day at the beach in St Tropez

The pair were seen splashing around as well as tumbling around in the surf and their fooling around left them both with huge smiles on their faces.

The Russian model, 26, was showing off her incredible curves in a turquoise bikini top and a tiny pair of patterned bottoms.

Making a splash: The footballer and his model girlfriend were seen fooling around in the sea together

Cristiano, 27, wasn't in bad shape either and showed off her muscles in a pair of short yellow red and white bathing trunks.

While the pair made their way into the sea independently they were drawn together, unable to keep their hands off the other's body.

She's behind you! Irina was seen creeping up to the boyfriend preparing to attack

Splashingly good time: The Sports Illustrated model made her attack with the water

Running scared? The footballer was left smiling but moving quickly away while Irina giggled

Irina was seen stealing the Portuguese star's cap and placing it on her own head.

The Sports Illustrated model was seen creeping up behind her boyfriend ready to pounce.

Come here you: The footballer was seen grabbing his girlfriend and trying to get her revenge by dunking her under the sea

Down you go: Ronaldo didn't have much trouble unbalancing Irina

While he stood with his back turned and unaware of what was going on behind him Irina was seen plunging her hands into the water pushing them to create a splash.

Cristiano was amused by the prank but Irina was left bent over clutching her chest in a fit of giggles.

Get a grip: The pair were seen locked in a tender embrace

Leggy lady: Irina used her long limbs to wrap herself around her boyfriend

Enjoying the view: Irina was seen admiring her boyfriend's body

But the striker didn't wait long to get his revenge and clasped his girlfriend around her middle threatening to dunk her under the water.

The pair have been separated recently thanks to their busy work schedules.

He's not in bad shape: Ronaldo has a toned physique and was seen waving to a friend before wrapping his arm around Irina

Getting his own back: The footballer was seen splashing his girlfriend when her back was turned

That's enough foolery for now: The pair were seen making their way out the sea

He's been working out in the gym! The footballer had impressive quad muscles a toned chest and bulging biceps

While Ronaldo has been playing for his team in Euro 2012 until the team were knocked out in the semi-finals, Irina has been busy with her own career.

The model was at the Miguel Angel Hotel in Madrid launching a new jewellery line, which she is the face of.

The couple have been dating since the Spring of 2010.

Slim and toned: The Russian model's shape will no doubt have made left women at the beach envious

Tassel tastic: The model piled her hair high on her head as she ventured for another dip

Just peachy: Irina was seen heading into the sea with a friend and both girls showed off their amazing derrieres