'People call him a d***head and refer to him as that t***': Harry Styles' secret torment

By Fehintola Betiku

Hailed as a God in the eyes of many teenagers worldwide it seems Harry Styles can do no wrong.

Sadly that is not the case in his hometown of Cheshire where he has been subject to a hate filled backlash.

The 18-year-old is said to be 'shocked and upset' by the jealously and torment that has arisen since he found success in One Direction.

Will Sweeny who used to be in Harry's former band White Eskimo and went to school with the curly haired heartthrob told The People of the abuse that Styles has been receiving from locals in Holmes Chapel.

'It really upsets Harry because he's a sensitive guy. He doesn't understand it either. People call him a d***head and refer to him as that t***. More recently he's had abuse on network sites and chatrooms.'

But rising above all the animosity Harry's friend told the newspaper that the What Makes You Beautiful singer has learned to ignore the nasty comments.

'He's had quite a few tweets and comments posted on Facebook and on the internet from people calling him names. He doesn't read the messages any more. He just ignores them now.'

Before One Direction: Harry used to front White Eskimo alongside Will Sweeny

Sweeny explained how Styles had believed that people from his hometown would be proud of his achievements and now when he visits his family he makes sure to stay out of the way of those who have sent him hateful messages.

The 19-year-old continued, 'It gets him down and when he comes back to see his family he just like to keep out of the way of some people because of what they've said.'

Will explained how many of these people used to be his friends but now 'hate' Harry because they think he has traded them for the dizzy heights he has reached alongside Zayn Malik, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne.