Look at my Top Guns! Tom Cruise brandishes revolver tattoos as he's flanked by blonde groupies in Rock of Ages shoot

By Daily Mail Reporter

Straight shooter: Tom Cruise unveils his rock god look for the cover of W magazine

Tom Cruise is really gunning for it in his new shoot to promote Rock of Ages.

The actor unveiled a host of fake tattoos - including two revolvers on his toned torso - for a daring pictorial with fashion magazine, W.

Eye-liner, long hair and low-slung Rita Ryack leather pants help complete his transformation into larger-than-life rocker Stacee Jaxx.

The 49-year-old is flanked by blonde groupies played by models Edita Vilkeviciute and Abbey Lee Kershaw in the cover shoot and inside, he sticks his tongue out in a classic rock god pose.

Wild one: The actor is promoting his new film Rock of Ages

Cruise amped up his sex appeal for his role in the film adaption of the Broadway show.

He plays an 80s performer in the movie adaptation of the classic musical - which also stars Russell Brand and Catherine Zeta-Jones.

He said: 'I knew we had to push the sexuality because of the nature of the character and the songs. He’s singing, 'I want to know what love is'."

The movie is helmed by Hairspray director Adam Shankman and Cruise says his family's love of musicals inspired him to take on the role.

Getting better with age: The 49-year-old looked in amazing shape for the shoot

He tells the publication: 'Kate loves musicals. She sings and dances, and we kind of went through the history of musicals together. And Suri loved Hairspray. With kids, you watch everything over and over; I watched Hairspray 15 times with Suri.

'I thought Adam Shankman did a great job directing the movie, so I arranged to meet him and said, “Where’s our musical?” He came back and said, Rock of Ages. We went and saw it in L.A., and for me…I didn’t know how to play the character like that. I had to find my own Stacee Jaxx.'

Tom belts out a string of classic tracks including Bon Jovi's Wanted Dead or Alive and Guns 'N Roses' Paradise City and his singing ability certainly impressed his bosses, including music producer Adam Anders.

Although his vocals were shaky to star with, he eventually learned how to do amazing things with his voice.

Family man at heart: Tom says his wife and daughter's love of musicals inspired him to take on the role

Adam said: 'Now he's like a seven, but he started off at a one. He had never sung in his life. He was like, "I need to know that I can do this before I sign on." So I went to his house to hear him sing and even though he was completely green as a singer, his vocal cords were amazing.

'He had this voice that blew me away. It was the most powerful voice I had ever heard. So loud. He could do anything and go as high as we wanted.

'It was like a kid discovering he had a new toy. I left there super-pumped knowing that not only could we make him pass as a singer in the movie, but we would blow people away with what he could do.'

Adam believes Tom initially began filming with a sense of nerves but his self-belief grew as the movie continued shooting.

He added to The Hollywood Reporter: 'His confidence kept growing as we worked together. I think he started off a little nervous, as anybody would who has never done this, but he just bought it 110 per cent.

'He works harder than anybody I've ever met in my life. By the end of this movie, the guy was just phenomenal. I remember telling him, 'You're a singer!' '