Carmen who? Radiant Amanda Holden returns to Britain's Got Talent and banishes the memory of Miss Electra

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By J J Anisiobi

Showtime: Amanda Holden returned to work at Britain's Got Talent today and looked great

Amanda Holden said that she was 'euphoric' about making her return to the judging panel of Britain's Got Talent today and the crowd seemed to share her feeling.

The 40-year-old made her big comeback this afternoon and instantly erased the memory of her stand-in judge Carmen Electra.

The mother-of-two looked in great shape courtesy of some well chosen clothes and instantly got a warm welcome from the crowds who had waited to see her at the Edinburgh auditions at the Festival Theatre in Scotland.

The blonde haired celebrity opted to face the cold northern weather in a sleeveless orange top and a pair of loose fitting black shorts.

It was her first public appearance after giving birth to her second child Hollie, which left her in intensive care and fighting for her life.

The queen of BGT was given a royal welcome back to the show and even got a bigger cheer than supremo Simon Cowell.

The queen of BGT: Amanda looked great in a peach coloured top and loose black shorts

As crew members gave her hugs and kisses, the crowds scrambled to get photographs of her and fellow judge David Walliams tweeted: 'Amanda is back back back!'

Holden had been recovering at home in south west London since being discharged from hospital with her husband Chris Hughes and their other daughter Lexi, six.

Amanda said: 'I am euphoric to be heading back to my place at the judges desk - to be honest after the last couple of weeks I'm euphoric to be anywhere.

Welcome back: The crowd and crew members were happy to see Amanda back at her day job

'This is just a very fleeting visit to Scotland and with the weather being so extreme I've decided to let my mum have some quality time with her new
granddaughter - but I am looking forward to introducing Hollie to everyone on my next trip.'

Her grand return came just in time as her American replacement did not go down well with the audience at all.

According to The Sun, fans of the show were keen to have their regular judge back on the panel and started chanting: 'Bring back Amanda!'

Not a replacement: The crowd were annoyed that Carmen was standing in for usual judge Amanda Holden

The chants were apparently so bad that the warm-up man Ian Royce had to urge the crowd to calm down and even warned people that they would be thrown out if they carried on.

A source told the Daily Mirror newspaper: 'There was a lot of really loud, angry noise directed at Carmen. It was getting difficult for the microphones to pick up what was going on between the judges and the acts. Carmen was clearly getting anxious about it, too.

'The audience was asked to stop shouting for Amanda because it was 'interrupting the show'.