'It's a very tangled web': Natasha Giggs talks to her housemates about her affair with Ryan Giggs and admits she was naive

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By Georgina Littlejohn

So why are you here? Michael Madsen asks Natasha Giggs to explain her celebrity status

Love her or hate her, viewers have been waiting with baited breath for Natasha Giggs to talk about her very public private life ever since she walked into the Big Brother house.

They didn't have to wait very long because than 24 hours after she arrived, the 29-year-old talked to her celebrity housemates about her affair with her footballer brother-in-law Ryan Giggs.

Natasha, actor Michael Masden, dancer Andrew Stone and glamour model Nicola McLean were in the kitchen making bacon and eggs for breakfast for the housemates on their first morning in there.

Inevitably, Michael asked Natasha why she was in the house, and asked her if she was a singer.

As she laid out bacon into a pan, she replied: 'No, I'm not a singer. Why am I here? It’s a bit embarrassing actually.'

Kirk then shouted out from the other side of the room: 'We've all done embarrassing things!'

Nicola then walked over and asked, 'What are we talking about?' to which Natasha replied, 'We're going there'.

Natasha then appeared to take a deep breath and added: 'I’ve been dreading this moment. I had a really long affair with a footballer who then happened to be my brother-in-law.'

'We're going there': Natasha explains to Nicola McLean that she is talking about her affair with Ryan Giggs

It's a bit embarrassing: Natasha looked a little sheepish when she realised she would have to explain why she was in the house

Michael asked her, 'How long was that?' to which Natasha replied: 'Eight years', and he said: 'So what happened?'

Natasha said: 'Basically, he also did something else - I have to be careful what I say - then the press got hold of it and said we're doing it with or without you.'

When asked how she and her estranged husband Rhodri Giggs, Ryan's younger brother, were, she said: 'I'm still married, but we're not together but we're getting on, we're getting there, I think.'

Michael then added: 'It could be worse, what if it was the opposite, what if he was screwing your sister?'

'I've been dreading this': Natasha tells Michael and Andrew Stone that she had an affair with her brother-in-law

Natasha said, 'But my sister wouldn't do that,' to which Michael replied, 'How do you know?'

He then said, 'It's a very tangled web', a sentiment that Natasha then echoed verbatim.

Later on, she talked some more about the affair with Nicola and admitted that she had been very 'naïve'.

She said: 'I'm not going to hide away from it, I can't forever from what I did, the only thing I can say is sorry but there is only so many times you can say sorry before you think, "come on, let's move on from this".'

What if it was the other way round? Michael asks Natasha what she would have done if the roles had been reversed and her sister had slept with her husband

And she revealed that the fallout of the affair was worse for her friends and family because she fled the country as soon as the affair was revealed.

She said: 'It was hard but because I was away from it, my family and friends had a much harder time of it, they had the press on the door all the time.'

She then explained how she wrote a letter to Rhodri telling him what had happened before the newspaper story, and even though her mother tried to encourage her to tell him in person, it was she who took the letter to her son-in-law.

From enemies to best friends: Despite their war of words on Twitter, Natasha opened up to Nicola about the affair and how it affected her family

Natasha said: 'After we spoke about it, he said that was the thing that hurt, that I didn't tell him myself. I should have manned up. My mum was at his door at five in the morning and he read the letter then saw the paper.'

But Natasha, who later took part in a game that saw her link herself to her well-publicised affair, said she was doing ok and added: 'I’m very happy in my personal life now.'

This is why I am here: Natasha owns up to the reason behind her celebrity status in an embarrassing first task