'There are naked girls walking around!' Twins Kristina and Karissa give Frankie a glimpse of life inside the Playboy Mansion

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By Holly Thomas

Telling all: Kristina and Karissa revealed what it was like to live in the Playboy Mansion

It was only a matter of time before Frankie Cocozza started pumping his female housemates for information.

And the curious 18-year-old just couldn't resist quizzing Hugh Hefner's former companions Kristina and Karissa Shannon about their claim to fame.

Frankie asked the blonde pair: 'So what's it like living in the Playboy Manison? Is it every bit as glorious as I imagine?'

Couldn't resist asking: Frankie was all ears as the twins described how painted girls wandered around the grounds

As if answering his dreams, the twins replied: 'Yeah, it's basically exactly like you'd imagine.'

An inquisitive Denise ventured: 'So... are there literally naked girls walking around?'

'Yes, naked painted girls walking around, at the parties!' giggled the sisters.

Barely able to contain himself, Frankie asked 'how do you get in?', to which the twins responded that you had to know someone or get invited.

No holds barred: The twins were frank about the fact that people regularly had sex at the mansion parties

All ears: The housemates couldn't get enough of the twin's tales- though some were more excited than others

Pressing further, Denise asked: 'And do people actually get jiggy? Like have sex?'

The twins smilingly replied: 'Yeah people have sex, it goes down.'

Chomping at the bit, Frankie jumped in and gasped: 'Please invite me.'

Continuing their description of the mansion antics, the twins added that there were occasional mishaps with the 'painted girls', saying: 'but when they start sweating or something the paint rubs off. And at the end they all jump in the pool.'

Quizzing: Denise asked the twins whether people 'get jiggy' in the mansion, and was astonished to hear that models got paint on their 'foo foos'

Please invite me! While Frankie found the tales wildly exciting, Natalie looked less amused

Denise gaped at this: 'Oh, did you hear that! They get paint on their foo foos!'

It appears that there were a few drawbacks to their apparently fabulous lifestyle however, as they described a few of the stipulations by which they had to abide to stay in the house.

'We weren't allowed to do anything in there, there was a whole schedule we had to abide by,' Karissa explained.

Blast from the past! The twins described how Playboy mansion inmates would jump into the pool naked during parties

'We had the morning to do whatever we wanted to do during the day, so we would go shopping or work out.'

'But then we had to come back at 5.30 and there would be dinner and a movie, every day.'

Naturally as models there were a few additional requirements, and they added: 'There were photo shoots, and we were doing the show [Girls Of The Playboy Mansion].'

Always on call: The girls described how they had a 9pm curfew while living at the mansion

But being the companions of 84-year-old Hugh Hefner had a few obvious drawbacks, as they admitted; 'Everyone there is old, al his friends, and you always have to be smiling.'

'We had a curfew of 9pm.'

Naturally there was some compensation, as they added: 'You get an allowance to be there.'

Almost like home: The girls admitted that they had been at the Playboy Mansion largely for 'decoration'