'I'm surprised I can breastfeed after 16 boob jobs!' Alicia Douvall introduces her newborn daughter Papaya to the world

By Nadia Mendoza

Alicia Douvall is more famous for her addiction to surgery than she is for her modelling.

And the mother-of-two has now confessed she is surprised she can breastfeed her four-week-old baby.

The TV personality, whose newborn daughter is called Papaya, has been under the knife an astonishing number of times for various procedures - including 16 boob jobs.

Second time arround: Alicia Douvall welcomes daughter Papaya into the world, younger sibling to Georgia

Alicia told Closer: 'Can you believe I can still breastfeed after 16 boob jobs? It’s a miracle!'

So far, the English glamour model has refused to name the father, but teased fans on Twitter earlier this month saying: 'My baby girl looks exactly like her dad actually quite weird!'

The 32-year-old has suggested it is former chairman of Crystal Palace football club Simon Jordan.

Alicia's older daughter Georgia, 16, is helping look after the new baby.

The pair have a very close relationship, with Georgia saying of her new sister. 'I can already tell that she’s feisty and high maintenance, but I love her to bits.'

Family portrait: Alicia is raising the two girls as a single mother

Alicia, who has been to rehab three times to try and cure her plastic surgery addiction, has admitted to spending over £1million on 50 cosmetic procedures over a decade.

She has had 16 boob jobs, multiple facelifts and even a £4,000 op to shorten her second toes.

But she insists her surgery days and party lifestyle are over, and she is embarking on a new lease of life with Papaya.

Alicia said: 'Since ditching surgery, I’ve been able to concentrate on being a mum.
'I’m a lot happier with my appearance than I was before, but I don’t look in the mirror and think: "I’m beautiful."

'I just see all the scars from the botched surgery.'

Alicia initially kept the identity of Papaya’s father secret, but took to Twitter in July to claim: 'Yes Simon is the father. Congrats to Simon Jordan.'

She added: 'Simon’s angry as he didn’t want to be exposed, but I’ve kept the identity of Georgia’s dad a secret for 16 years and I didn’t want to do that again.

'Our relationship ended with a text from Simon saying I’d destroyed his life. He abandoned me.'

She also said that while her beauty range Organic Cosmetics is her main source of income, she's not afraid to 'work the night shift at Tesco' should she need to.