Going it alone: Russell Brand dines by himself after arriving in LA for first meeting with Katy Perry since their split

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By J J Anisiobi

Showdown: Russell Brand is to meet up with Katy Perry for the first time since their split was announced

Russell Brand dined alone late last night in Los Angeles while trying to gather his thoughts ahead of a meeting with his estranged wife.

The British comedian flew to America earlier this week and moved into his new $1.9million bachelor pad but he will meet up with Katy Perry for the first time since they announced their split.

The comic actor ate out at Boa Steak House last night, dressed in a smart grey blazer and black skinny jeans but was by himself in the restaurant.

The 36-year-old will have an emotional showdown with Katy, 27, to discuss their separation and finalise the impending divorce.

However, a source close to the Firework singer claims that she wants to fight to save her 14-month marriage and desperately wants to get back together with the long haired funnyman.

The source also said that Perry is not ready to start dating any other men and has not been influenced by her Christian parents, Mary and Keith Perry, who are keen to see her date someone more religious.

Walk like a man: The British comedian dined out late last night alone at Boa Steak House gathering his thoughts

Checking out: Russell was dressed rather smartly for dinner and wore a grey blazer

Russell is due to attend tonight's Golden Globes ceremony and so the timing to meet up with his wife was perfect as he was going to be in the area anyway.

But while Katy reportedly wants to sort things out, Russell is ready to move on and wants nothing more than to get some closure on the whole situation.

They will meet at a Beverly Hills hotel, where Katy has been staying, and a close friend told The Sunday Mirror they have very different aims for the rendezvous.

Healthy body and healthy mind: The actor headed to a yoga class but wasn't really dressed for the occasion

Getting ready to flex: Russell and a friend keep their minds busy by heading to a yoga class

The pal said to the newspaper: 'He has agreed to meet her one last time. He wants to sort things out and finalise the divorce.

'But Katy says she is still in love with him and she still has hopes they might get back together.'

Despite recent reports that her Evangelical parents have been pushing her to date Christian Denver Broncos NFL star Tim Tebow, 24, they have been in contact with their son-in-law.

The source said: 'Keith and Mary have also been reaching out to Russell and sent him a text telling him he is in their thoughts and that they love him.'

Russell, who once battled a drug addiction, has been continuing along with his wife as normally as he can.

Yesterday afternoon he was spotted heading to a yoga class with a friend, although he wasn't dressed for exercise.

Carrying a white towel and a bottle of water the comedian wore skinny jeans, boots and a leather jacket while hiding his face behind sunglasses and a beenie.

Katy has rarely been seen but was spotted sporting a new blue hair colour when she posed for a picture with a fan earlier this week.

While Russell will attend tonight's glitzy ceremony Katy avoided turning up to the People's Choice Awards on Thursday.

She won five awards and told fans afterwards: 'THANK U to every1 who voted for me for the @peopleschoice tonight! We won so many! Now I need to get more books 2 successfully display them!'

If the divorce goes ahead Perry will reportedly hold onto the $6.5 million property, which they bought together last July, just months after wedding in India.