Burning off the baby weight: Shayne Lamas shows off her taut and toned stomach, just two months after giving birth to baby Press


By Eleanor Gower

She only gave birth to her first baby Press Dahl Lamas-Richie two months ago, but Shayne Lamas has remarkably already shed her baby weight.

The former Bachelor star showed off an incredibly taut and toned stomach as she worked out in Miami recently.

A white crop top and pair of cropped black lycra leggings showed off the 26-year-old's enviable figure to the maximum.

Flexible: Shayne Lamas showed off her enviable taut and toned stomach as she stretched in Miami, just two months after giving birth to her first baby

According to Radar, the star has dropped down to her pre-baby weight of 102 pounds and she was certainly showing her figure off on the beach, with her trousers rolled down to her hips.

Clearly the star has been busy putting in the work to get her svelte figure back - she completed a tough jogging workout in the Florida sunshine.

Shayne and husband, gossip blogger Nik Richie welcomed little Press Dahl Lamas-Richie into the world on November 11 last year.

'I'm so blessed to bring my daughter into this world,' Shayne told the website. She added that 'Nik is my rock, and now Press is my life.'

Nice day for a run: Shayne showed off her taut stomach muscles as she jogged out in the Florida sunshine

Limbering up: The former Bachelor contestant wore a short white cropped top and cropped black leggings to accentuate her curves

'Press is such a pretty baby and I love my husband so much for holding my hand the entire time during the labour.'

The little girl's unusual name started off as a joke between the couple, but soon grew on them.

'Her name came to us at the beginning of my pregnancy, because she was getting so much press,' Shayne told E! News prior to the birth.

'It started as a joke, her nickname was 'Press Baby,' but when we found out it was a girl, suddenly that was her name - her name was going to be Press.

'I think Press is a beautiful name, we're elated, little princess Press!'

Blessed: Shayne has told various outlets how happy she is to be a mother to little Press

The couple, who tied the knot last April in Las Vegas, are no strangers to getting press themselves.

They had met each other just hours before their Sin City wedding.

Shayne had been briefly engaged to Bachelor star and financier Matt Grant, who proposed to her on the finale of 12th season of the hit US show.

They called off their relationship in July 2008.

Baby weight down: The star put in a stringent workout, showing how she has lost her excess pounds