Who's that you're kissing? Jodie Marsh wraps her formidable biceps around a mystery man outside Essex club


By Holly Thomas

Amateur body builder Jodie Marsh has been enthusing non-stop about how her muscular new body has turned her into a man magnet.

And if these pictures are anything to go by, she meant every word.

The 32-year-old was locked in an amorous encounter with a clubber outside Nu Bar in Essex last night.

Chance encounter? Former glamour model and body builder Jodie Marsh was locked in an embrace with a mystery man outside Loughton's Nu Bar last night

Giggling as she wrapped her formidable biceps around her mystery man's neck, the model pressed herself up against his chest as she leaned in for kiss after kiss.

Her good-looking catch looked in equally high spirits, smiling as he leaned down to meet her lips.

She was casually dressed in a short sleeveless black dress with a striped skirt and red collar, her feet bare and her long dark hair loose.

The former glamour model also struck a few cheeky poses with a nearby policeman.

Jodie leaned against the officer, raising one leg provocatively as she shot a sultry glance over her shoulder.

Come with me? The pair giggled as they held hands, Jodie not appearing to mind her bare feet on the cold ground

Anyone watching? Jodie and her good-looking catch didn't appear to mind the flashing cameras, and shared a tender hug

The bemused policeman took it with god humour, smiling nervously as the body builder showed off her assets by his side.

Jodie arrived at Nu Bar with her mother and father after watching a friend of hers in a boxing match, but they left early.

TOWIE cast members Jessica Wright and Joey Essex enjoyed a Friday night out at the same club/

Jodie has enjoyed a huge ego boost since taking up her new lifestyle, even seeing an improvement in her love life as a result.

Looking keen: Jodie's companion seemed totally engrossed in their clinch

She told The Sun earlier this month: 'I have never attracted so much interest from blokes in my life. It's been a real eye-opener. For the last two years I went through a complete drought of men.'

'No one was chatting me up. I despaired of ever having a boyfriend, or even a date, again. But since I became a bodybuilder, I've suddenly got about 50 guys interested in me,' she continued.

Jodie, who has dated stars including Fran Cosgrave and Kian Egan, as well as experimenting with the same sex in a brief lesbian phase, added to Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby on This Morning today that she has already picked up a few phone numbers from her first championship.

Evening officer! Jodie tore herself away from her mystery beau to strike a few poses with a nearby policeman

She said: 'I'm single but the bodybuilding men are gorgeous. When you walk into a bodybuilding show you don't know where to look.

'There are these gorgeous men with the best bodies you have ever seen in your life. I took about 5 phone numbers!

The model has also taken advantage of her new confidence to strip off for a naked photo shoot for The Sun, to be revealed tomorrow.

She said of the experience: 'I love feeling sexy and I can honestly say this is the most proud of my body I've ever been. I absolutely love how I look now and would run naked across a crowded street if you asked me to!'

Winning him over? The policeman started to laugh as Jodie clutched her own backside

'A couple of years ago, I hated my looks so much I stopped going out. Magazines had pointed out my cellulite and other flaws to the point where I struggled to take off my clothes if I was with a guy.'

'Then I took up bodybuilding and I've never looked back. Now I'm lean and while I know my body isn't perfect, I'm happy in my skin.'