Will Tom let Katie have Suri? New reports claim that divorce will not go to court and is being settled behind closed doors and will stay in New York

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•She's hired Allan Mayefsky and his partner Michael Mosberg
•They were principle legal players in messy divorce of Christie Brinkley and Peter Cook
•Meeting comes after Cruise's lawyer accuses Katie's camp of 'playing the media'
•Sources close to Tom say divorce was NOT over Scientology
•Divorce proceedings will reportedly stay in the state of New York... for now

By Daily Mail Reporter

If looks could talk: Katie Holmes leaves her lawyer's office in Midtown Manhattan with a half-smile on her face

Expectations that the divorce of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes would be a long, drawn out and bitterly contested legal fight may not be realised according to new reports.

Attorneys for the estranged couple are reported to be finalising a full divorce settlement behind closed doors that will not even require Holmes or Cruise to make a court appearance in either California or New York.

The legal teams for the separated couple are trying to thrash out agreements on properties, child support, visitation and whether the pair will have joint custody of their six-year-old girl Suri or whether Holmes will keep sole custody as she filed for in her divorce petition.

Centre of attention: Katie is caught in the middle of a security and photographers scrum

Fresh start: Katie filed for divorce after nearly six years of marriage

Thirty-three-year-old Holmes was scheduled to face a family court judge on July 17, but the new claims from a source very familiar with the case told TMZ that the negotiations were 'calm' and the case might not go to court at all.

Katie Holmes is gearing up for a very high-profile divorce battle with husband Tom Cruise as she was seen visiting her lawyer today.

The actress, 33, was seen at the New York offices of her heavyweight lawyers Allan Mayefsky and his partner Michael Mosberg on Friday morning with a team of four bodyguards.

The estranged couple's six-year-old daughter, Suri, was not seen with the star.

According to People.com, Katie was dress casually in white jeans and a yellow top as she exited a Mercedes with tinted windows and walked into the midtown Manhattan building.

Calling a truce?: Attorneys for Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise are reported to be finalising a full divorce settlement behind closed doors

Katie is said to have hired law firm Aronson, Mayefsky and Sloan to handle the proceedings - an indication she is prepared to play hardball from the outset.

The 58-year-old Harvard graduate was one of the principle legal players in the messy divorce of model and actress Christie Brinkley and her husband Peter Cook, which has become notorious as one of the most bitter of Hollywood break-ups.

Mr Mayefsky is a shrewd operator who has a habit of airing the grievances of his clients in front of the media.

He is known for demanding an even split of proceeds in divorces and for winning £28 million for the wife of a Wall Street financier in a landmark case in 2003.

Meeting: Katie was spotted visiting her lawyer's office following the revelations

RadarOnline reports the actress will ask Cruise for child support at their first divorce hearing in New York on July 17.

Katie is expected to appearing in person when the hearing takes place.

A source told Radar: 'Katie’s legal team will be requesting temporary child support to cover living expenses and the added security she has hired since her split from Tom.

'Tom's Los Angeles lawyers have officially been given notice. Tom's New York lawyer will appear and it's undetermined at this time if Tom will be in court also because he is currently shooting a movie.'

Mayefsky's co-counsel, Jonathan Wolfe, is a partner in the relatively low-profile New Jersey-based firm of Skoloff & Wolfe.

Crucially, Mr Wolfe is an expert in what is euphemistically known in American legal circles as 'business evaluation' (in plain English, that means he is a terrier when it comes to finding hidden money).

No awkward reunion: Katie and Tom may not even be required to appear in court if they reach a settlement

Preparing her case: Katie Holmes, left, enters the midtown Manhattan office of her divorce lawyer Allen Mayefsky on Friday

Already specialist forensic accountants, employed by one of the two legal firms she has engaged, are busy untangling the complex web of businesses and trusts that manage the Top Gun star’s estimated £180 million fortune.

They want to establish Tom’s exact wealth, which suggests 33-year-old Holmes is not prepared to walk away with the relatively modest settlement of £10 million that has been widely quoted — £2 million for every year of their five-year marriage as stipulated in the couple's 100-page pre-nuptial agreement.

Katie's meeting on Friday came after Cruise's attorney Bert Fields lashed out at the actress and her legal team, accusing them of 'playing the media'.

Heavy security: The actress, 33, was seen at the New York offices with a team of four bodyguards

Undercover: Katie ducked inside as she was quietly ushered in the building

Fields told BBC Radio 1's Newsbeat: 'Tactically we can't say where Tom will file a divorce case and if he'll be seeking joint custody of Suri.'

'We are letting "the other side" play the media until they wear everyone out and then we'll have something to say,' he added.

He would not be drawn on specific details of the divorce - but did stick the knife in and insisted Tom was 'really sad about what's happening'.

Strain of the break-up appeared to be taking its toll on the actress, who yesterday failed to hide her shrinking frame when she spent the day with her child by the Mission Impossible actor.

The 33-year-old's blue and orange halterneck top clearly displayed her bony back and angular collarbone and her blue jeans seemed to hang off her.

Split: Katie Holmes, pictured today shopping, has been accused by Tom's lawyer of manipulating the media

High-profile: Katie is being represented by Allan Mayefsky, left, and his partner Michael Mosberg, right

Co-counsel: The actress is also said to have sought the legal advice of Jonathan Wolfe, a partner in the relatively low-profile New Jersey-based firm of Skoloff & Wolfe

While Katie attempted a steely resolve, Suri looked tired and strained by the emotional custody battle her parents are to embark on.

Katie held her daughter tenderly in her arms during a trip with friends - and of course security - to the Children's Museum of the Arts in the Soho area of New York City.

Little Suri, dressed in a pink dress and holding onto a cuddly toy, clung to her actress mother.

On Wednesday, Katie - who filed for divorce from the Hollywood star last week - spent American holiday Independence Day as a single mother for the first time.

The Dawson's Creek beauty was seen at Wholefoods supermarket near her Chelsea apartment stocking up on food supplies.

Taking its toll? Katie Holmes put on a brave face yesterday as she showed off her rail-thin figure while carrying daughter Suri in New York after splitting from Tom Cruise

Bony: Katie displayed her shrinking frame on a day out with daughter Suri

Loose fit: Katie's halter-neck top was hanging off her - and she didn't appear to be in need of a bra

Making her way to the store, dressed casually in a denim shirt and a floral summery skirt, the mother-of-one looked feminine and pretty as she skipped along with Suri, who was in the same multi-coloured poppy dress she was in the night before.

Inside the market, Suri rode in the front of the shopping cart playing with a pale pink cowboy hat, with Katie photographing her wearing it.

The mother and daughter duo were accompanied by one of Katie's bodyguards from her top heavy security team.

During the outing Katie reassured fans that she is coping following the split from the Hollywood star.

Approached as she stocked up on food, Katie told a New York Daily News reporter: 'I'm alright. Thank you.'

Rail-thin: Katie's halterneck top clearly showed off her bony back and her jeans seemed to hang off her

Exhausted: Suri Cruise looks tired by the news her parents are set for a custody battle following their divorce

Growing closer: The girls rarely leave each other's side, with Katie often seen carrying Suri

Meanwhile it emerged that Katie Holmes is set to show her label Holmes & Yang at New York Fashion Week this September for the first time.

A spokesperson for Katie told WWD that her personal life would not impact her fashion label, despite her high-profile split from Tom Cruise last week.

The newly-single actress co-designs the label, which launched in 2009, with her stylist and long-time friend Jeanne Yang.

Available at Barneys New York, Holmes & Yang specialise in wearable day-to-night pieces and luxury basics that are all manufactured in the U.S.

Taking life into her hands: Katie stepped out braless and ringless as she moves on to the 'new phase' of her life

Protected: Katie was flanked by a burly security guard

Katie told the New York Times: 'We know that women are on the go and do a lot of different sorts of things all in one day. Hopefully, [Holmes & Yang] helps to provide them with some confidence in attacking all those different roles.'

Ms Yang added: 'We wanted to make pieces that you could bend over and pick up your kid in and also look really elegant.

'Just comfortable clothes that you can wear going from a meeting to being a mom to going on a date.'

Mission accomplished. Season after season, Holmes & Yang creates a base palette of cream, navy, and black, featuring luxe shirts and trousers; textured silk jumpsuits; motorcycle jackets; leather, silk-lined blazers; and dresses worthy of the red carpet.

Showing their spring collection in New York for the first time with an intimate presentation, instead of a runway show, will firmly put Katie back on the high-fashion map.

Helping hand: Suri was guided along by her mother, who tenderly placed an arm on each of her daughter's shoulders

Tea time: Katie and Suri also had a meal at Alice's tea cup during their girly day out together

Since her marriage to Tom Cruise in 2006, and her first foray into couture the same year with Victoria Beckham, the golden girl of Dawson's Creek has kept a low profile within the fashion industry.

However after she made the decision to file divorce papers last Friday, Katie is set to step out of Tom's Scientology shadow and back into the spotlight.

The 50-year-old actor was said to be 'blindsided' when his wife filed for divorce from him last week after five years of marriage and sought legal custody of their child - intends to go to court in Los Angeles in person to ensure he is legally allowed to see the youngster.

The way they were: Katie announced that she was splitting with her husband of six years last Friday

Katie filed for the divorce in New York because she believes she has a better chance of winning custody, and although Tom was encouraged to file in California, the law states divorce cannot be filed in separate states at the same time.

A source said: 'Tom has told Dennis Wasser and Bert Fields, his long-time entertainment lawyer, that his first priority is getting a court order in place, obviously a temporary one, that will allow him to legally see his daughter.

'Team Cruise has extensive documentation to prove that Los Angeles is where the case should proceed, because this is where he says they have lived.

'Tom is extremely disappointed that Katie filed in New York, and he feels that she is trying to cut him out of their daughter's life.

'Tom won't tolerate it and told his lawyers that if he personally needs to go to court and make a plea in front of the judge for an order allowing him to see his daughter, he will.'

It is believed Katie wants legal custody because she is worried about Tom's devotion to sci-fi cult Scientology and the effect the quasi-religious sect may have on their six-year-old daughter.

However a source told TMZ: '[Katie] was totally committed to Scientology. She had enthusiasm for it and would voluntarily and gladly participate in it when Tom was off shooting movies.

'This is not a fight over religion. It's being used as a way to hurt Tom.'

Meanwhile, an interview with Katie from next month's ELLE magazine hints that she may not have been happy in the relationship for some time.

Discussing turning 33, she told the US publication: 'I definitely feel much more comfortable in my own skin. I feel sexier. I'm staring to come into my own. It's like a new phase.'

Asked about her marriage, she admitted she wanted to focus on herself.

She said: 'He has been Tom Cruise for 30 years. I know who I am and where I am and where I want to go, so I want to focus on that.'

source: dailymail