You couldn't miss him if you tried! places himself centre stage shamelessly tweeting his way through the Jubilee concert

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By Sarah Fitzmaurice

When he managed to secure a spot carrying the Olympic torch eyebrows were raised as to why he was more worthy than a British citizen.

And after hijacking the Olympics made his way to centre stage at the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee concert last night.

The 37-year-old performer shamelessly tweeted snaps of himself with members of the Royal family as well as taking to the stage not once but twice during the star-studded event.


Shameless: was unabashed when it came to posting a series of snaps of himself with performers at the Diamond Jubilee concert including this snap of himself with Prince William

The American posted pictures of himself with several of the acts from the show including Sir Paul McCartney, Sir Elton John, Annie Lennox and Robbie Williams.

And he even managed to corner Prince William and didn’t waste the opportunity to post the snap to his followers.

He posted: ‘I just realized I'm the shorter "" #diamondjubilee.'
Will, real name William James Adams, Jr, appeared to be quite blown away by the proceedings and even told fans he was now British.

He fits right in: The American singer also posed up with a group of guardsmen before telling fans he was ''

Hat's nice: The American singer was seen with a bearskin hat on standing to salute

He tweeted: ' don't think ill ever be the same again...#iambritish'

The Voice judge also made the most of the opportunity to pose with guardsmen in uniform and was seen in front of a group with Buckingham Palace in the backdrop.

And it seemed he wanted to try a bearskin on for size and was seen showing off standing to attention on his own.

While he bragged about his meet and greets throughout the day he failed to mention meeting The Queen backstage following the concert.

But meeting the monarch meant he had to follow strict protocol and he was unable to snap a picture of himself with The Queen.

The best of British: Will posed up with Sir Elton John and Annie Lennox and Sir Paul McCartney

A hard act to follow: Will, who performed after Robbie Williams at the beginning of the concert posted a snap of himself with the singer backstage

While Will appeared to be having a great time off stage his performance on stage failed to blow the audience away.

Viewers wasted no time posting negative reviews on social networking websites voicing their disappointment particularly because he appeared to be using autotune, despite recently declaring he wouldn't rely on the technique.

During an appearance on Alan Carr: Chatty Man, will said: 'I'm working on my singing abilities. I like staying in the studio.

He loves us: Will tweeted to fans he was feeling like he was feeling British

He's interviewing me! The musician also posted a snap of himself being interviewed by Sir Paul McCartney

Meet and greet: Will wasn't able to get a photo for Twitter as he met The Queen backstage with the other acts

The computer allows me to make music, sing it myself, and not wait around for a singer to come along and sing the songs.

Hours later, skipped onstage to join Stevie Wonder as he performed Happy Birthday.

Smiling and waving at the crowd, the artist was handed a microphone and proceeded to contribute to the performance.

But while the artist had been called onstage by his friend Wonder, unimpressed viewers took to Twitter to vent their annoyance.

'Watching Stevie Wonder now - dreading joining him (such stupidity),' one Twitter user commented shortly before his appearance onstage.

He's not got The Voice! Will's performance with Jessie J was panned by viewers

What did Will add? Twitter uses wondered why Will joined Stevie Wonder on stage

Another wrote: 'So at what point in man's aural evolution did we resort to needing will.I.Am to shout "yo" over Stevie Wonder?'

'Who decided should be on every song? Get off the stage!' questioned another.

The star-studded show aired live on BBC One last night and attracted a peak audience of 16.9 million with an average of 14.7 million - making it the most-watched programme so far this year.

The highest viewing figures came as the Queen took to the stage to light the national beacon, which sparked a stunning fireworks display.

And even at this point Will managed to get in the shot and was seen standing behind Her Majesty alongside Cheryl Cole.

That's not a bad spot: After the concert as The Queen took to the stage and Cheryl Cole positioned themselves behind Her Majesty