If you think my live vocal sounds so good it must be mimed... I take it as a compliment': Cheryl Cole denies lip-syncing on The Voice

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By Sarah Fitzmaurice

It was widely thought Cheryl Cole was miming as she debuted her new track Call My Name on The Voice last month.

And her shaky performance singing live at the Queen's Diamond Jubilee concert over the weekend did little to dispel the belief.

But the 28-year-old singer has denied lip-syncing on the talent show and she takes the criticism as praise.


I didn't mime: Cheryl Cole says she is happy people think she wasn't singing live on The Voice last month and she takes it as a compliment

Talking about The Voice performance in an interview with BBC Cheryl said: 'If you think my live vocal sounds so good it must be mimed, I'm happy.'
'I take it as a compliment.'

Cheryl, who has been working in LA on her new album A Million Lights for the past year, also used the interview to reveal how her love of American food scuppered her singing during one particular recording session.

She explained: 'There's a track on the Super Deluxe edition of the album called Teddy Bear. When we were recording it, I just sat eating Oreo Cookies and Pinkberry frozen yoghurt, and In and Out Burger all day.'

Big moment: The 28-year-old singer, who appeared at the Jubilee concert over the weekend spoke out about her singing ability in the new interview

'I was singing in the morning and everything was fine. Then I went in after having a burger and I was singing [exaggerated Batman growl] down there.'

'You have to use your stomach when you sing. If it's digesting, it's not a happy place to be.'

Digestion anecdotes aside, Cheryl also opened up about her relationship with her manager and The Voice judge Will.i.am.

The pair found themselves centre stage right behind The Queen following the concert on Monday and it's clear they share a special bond.

She noted: 'My first experience after Girls Aloud was writing a song with will.i.am and it was the most daunting thing I've ever done. I was always surrounded by the girls and we had a system I was very much familiar with. To then be with one of the world's biggest producers, being told, "ok, let's go, you write your bit" - it was really scary.'

He's just Will: Cheryl, who found herself right behind The Queen along with Will.i.am following the concert on Monday opened up about her relationship with the performer

Look at us two: Cheryl was seen beaming at Will.i.am at the concert on Monday

'It's been interesting to see everyone else's reaction to him on The Voice. It's like the nation's fallen in love with him.

'I've known him for years now, so all his little comebacks - 'I don't have tactics, I have Tic Tacs because I stay fresh' - that's just Will to me. He's so mischievous and fun.'

As well as sharing the stage the pair also share a love of Twitter, although Cheryl was a late addition to the social networking party.

She said: 'I don't know what I was doing before Twitter, I really don't. Burying my head in the sand'

'I never answer back unprovoked... But I'm always answering something back.'

'I don't have any middle-men now. I've got my voice back.'

Cheryl's new sing Call My Name is out on 9 June and the A Million Lights is released on 18 June.