'Nothing like a hug from my little brother': Kelly Osbourne spends quality time with Jack following MS diagnosis

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By Kimberley Dadds

..It's often the tough times that brings families together.

And that certainly seems to be the case with Kelly Osbourne, who has been rallying around her brother Jack since he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS).

The reality TV star ensured she spent some quality time with her sibling last night, as well as her niece, Pearl Clementine.

Close: Kelly Osbourne spent quality time with her brother Jack following his MS diagnosis

Kelly took to Twitter to share a personal photo of herself cuddling up to Jack and his baby daughter, who sat cosily in his arms.

She wrote: 'Best family night ever! nothing like a hug from my little brother @mrjacko!'

The reality TV star sat on the floor, dressed casually in a grey hoodie with her pink hair scraped up into a bun.

She cuddled up to Jack's knee as he sat on a sofa with his arm around his sister.

And Kelly posted up another personal photo of Pearl, who was born in April, staring into the camera and rolling around on the floor.

Osbourne added: 'Peal is having tummy time she is getting so strong I love her so much!'

It has been a tough week for the Osbournes, after Jack revealed his MS diagnosis.
He appeared on his mother Sharon Osbourne's US show The Talk to discuss all about the illness.

And he took to Twitter to blast about people sensationalising his health, writing: 'I AM NOT DYING!'

Cute! Kelly also tweeted photos of her niece Pearl, who was born in April

During his appearance on The Talk he joked: 'You guys are acting like I have MS or something.'

Sitting next to his 59-year-old mother, Jack updated everyone with how he was coping, insisting: 'Honestly, I'm fine.'

But he did go on to talk about how serious his condition can be.

Although he has now been left reeling after he was allegedly fired by email following his diagnosis.

The Adrenalin Junkie host has stated he was left "offended" when an undisclosed TV company decided he wouldn't be up to the tasks in a reality contest without speaking to him first.

Jack - who was diagnosed with the debilitating condition five weeks ago - also said on The Talk: 'I had booked a job, right when I got diagnosed and the company didn't think I could actually perform the job.

Opening up: Jack Osbourne appeared on mother Sharon's show The Talk to discuss his illness earlier this week

'Out of everything, that's what has really ticked me off the most because it's like, 'Don't tell me what I can and cannot do.' At no point did they call me.

'It was all through agents and lawyers - I was offended by it.'

Although he hasn't stated which show he was referring too, speculation has risen that the show was Stars Earn Stripes, which sees soldiers put celebrities through military exercises.

A programme source admitted to The Sun newspaper that it was felt Jack wouldn't be up to the challenges, but said it was "hard to believe" he was informed by email.

Jack's mother Sharon Osbourne later hit out on Twitter, saying the 26-year-old star was fired because the company felt he was a "liability".

She wrote: 'Yes @MrJacko was fired. They said he was a liability & were so personable, sent an email to let us know.'