Giovanni Ribisi's ex Cat Power tells of their 'left-field split' just TWO MONTHS before his surprise wedding to Agyness Deyn

By Kristie Lau

Broken: Chan Marshall, aka Cat Power (right) has talked about her split with newlywed Giovanni Ribisi (left), who married model Agyness Deyn. The pair were photographed in Beverly Hills together in 2009

Cat Power, the longtime ex-girlfriend of newlywed Giovanni Ribisi, has revealed that their relationship ended just two months ago.

A candid interview suggests that the 37-year-old actor's marriage to model Agyness Deyn, 29, last week, was spurred by a whirlwind romance.

The 40-year-old indie singer, who lived with the actor in his Los Angeles home with his 14-year-old daughter Lucia until their recent split, told The Stool Pigeon that she had been finishing her new album 'around the time' they broke up.

New woman: The singer, seen above in a promotional video for her new album, cut her hair off after the split

The Atlanta, Georgia-born singer, who has suffered a nervous breakdown in the past, tweeted on April 20: 'I HAVE FINISHED MY RECORD'.

She told the music blog as part of an interview, published on June 18, 2012, to promote the album: 'The timing couldn't have been more distracting, to say the least. It was down to the wire and [I was] really suffering, in the end. It hurts.'

She added that Sun, the new album which is due to be released on September 4, is 'this gift I'm lucky I finished' amid 'great loss personally in my life right now'.
The singer, whose real name is Chan Marshall, also revealed that she chopped off her trademark long brunette locks as a result of the split, which she said 'wasn't really out of left-field, but it kinda was'.

Newlyweds: Mr Ribisi married Miss Deyn last Friday, pictured, in a surprise ceremony in Los Angeles

'I cut my hair off three days later, got on a plane to France and I finished the s**t [the album]', she said.

The singer, whose album of new material is her first since 2006, admitted that she still loves Mr Ribisi.

'It's all good, you know,' she said. 'I love the person very much. I actually love this record very much too.'

She also revealed that she had become something of a second mother to Lucia, who is the daughter of Mr Ribisi's previous wife, actress Mariah O'Brien.

'I entered a long relationship which I really wanted to be successful,' she said. 'You know that thing we're all raised to want: a beautiful life with children?
There's this part of me who wants to be a mother...I was trying to grow my personal life in a way I never did before.'

Former family: The singer (back right) was settled in her relationship with Mr Ribisi who has a daughter, Lucia (right)

No doubt a fragile woman, the singer once suffered from severe stage fright as a performer.

After a history of substance abuse, she was often seen on stage literally crippled by her anxiety as she attempted to perform her music.

The past two years have seen a more confident performer, which was said to be thanks to her stable relationship with Mr Ribisi.

She added that time off-stage helped her re-gather steam as a performer.

Fresh look: Her forthcoming album, the first filled with new material since 2006, shows off her new cropped do

Star: The performer once suffered from severe stage fright. She, above, performed in Los Angeles in 2011

'[It] was usually cured by like six days in New Mexico on a beach, topless with my best friend,' she said. 'That usually cures it [anxiety] really quick.'

Mr Ribisi's wedding to Miss Deyn came as a surprise to many, as it was not widely known that the pair were dating.

The news was confirmed yesterday in a statement from Mr Ribisi's publicist after Crown City News snapped a photograph of the couple moments before they tied the knot at Los Angeles County Registrar.