Kris Jenner breaks down in tears as daughter Kourtney struggles to forgive her for cheating on her late father

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By Leah Simpson

Kris Jenner and Kourtney Kardashian fought it out on tonight's episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, when the the 27-year-old struggled to forgive her mother for cheating on her late father Robert.

The eldest daughter of the Kardashian matriarch even made a scathing remark at a lunch, when they discussed Kris's recent meeting with a contestant from The Voice at an event.

Kourtney provoked a negative reaction when she asked Kris: ‘Did you bone him in the bathroom?’

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Not seeing eye to eye: Kris Jenner and Kourtney Kardashian both broke down in tears after having it out in tonight's episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians

She added: ‘It’s not like that’s stopped you before,’ in reference to Kris's confession in her new book, in which she revealed that she had cheated on Kourtney's father.

‘Sometimes you can be really rude.’ Jenner pointed out as she tried to shift the subject and ignore her daughter’s resentment toward her.

Although she set aside the matter, Kourtney brought the topic up again at another lunch with sister Kim, and when her younger sibling suggested confronting Kris about her resentment, she refused to make it that easy for the matriarch, saying ‘I would rather die.’

Inappropriate: Kris' flirting with the chef Kourtney had hired didn't go down to well with her eldest daughter

No shame in her game: Kourtney brought up her extra-marital affair in the heated episode

Kim confided in Khloe – who was at the time residing in Texas with husband Lamar Odom - about the ongoing spat via a video call.

As the matter was obviously effecting the whole clan, Khloe agreed that Kourtney should learn to forgive.

But that just wasn’t the case, especially when Kourtney hosted her first official family dinner since moving into her new house with boyfriend and father of her two-year-old son, Scott Disick.

Ongoing argument: Kourtney and Kris stepped outside to talk things through but it didn't dissolve tensions

Her manager and mother’s flirting with the chef in front of Kris's husband Bruce Jenner less than impressed the party’s host.

She said: ‘You’re so inappropriate and embarrassing. You have no shame in your game.’

‘You’re so f***ing uptight,’ Jenner responded, before asking her to step outside.

After some serious words, the conversation didn’t seem to be helping ease any tensions.

‘I don’t understand how you can do that to you family,’ Kourtney admitted as they stood away from the rest of the guests in the garden.

Catching up: Kourtney discussed the matter with her younger sister Kim Kardashian at another lunch

She'd rather die: Kim suggested she simply should express her resentment towards Kris properly

'Are you going to punish me for the rest of my life because of something I did 25 years ago?’ Kris responded.

But Kris’s first born had heard the last she wanted on the matter and bluntly told her: ‘I don’t want to keep talking about this. I just don’t relate to this and I don’t understand it.’

Later Bruce found his wife hiding out in the backyard cabana and convinced her to spill the beans about what was bothering her.

Tears began to roll as she told him that it ‘honestly broke her heart’ that her children were still hurt that she made a bad decision.

Opening up: Kris broke down about the matter to her husband Bruce Jenner

No regrets: The tears began to fall as she explained she wouldn't have the family she has now if she didn't divorce

It was the first time she appeared to crack, but she admitted that if she didn’t have the courage to go astray with the affair, her youngest children Kylie and Kendall, and her husband would not be with her today.

The fact that the matriarch wasn't as tough as she appeared hadn’t escaped Kourtney though and she began to soften up in an iChat conversation with Khloe.

She admitted that lately she had been meaner to Kris but that she couldn't help it.

Big hug: Bruce comforted his wife as she battled with her first born throughout the episode

So she planned to go to therapy to deal with her issues thanks to advice from Khloe.

Her therapist Erica concluded that because Koutney was pregnant with a girl, she was especially emotional as the bond between mother and daughter is the strongest and she was subconsciously worried about disappointing her own little girl.

Kourtney herself then broke down as she went over the details in her mother’s memoir and said ‘I could never do that to my family.’

Breaking down: Kourtney also broke down in a therapy session later in the episode

Advice: Her therapist Erica concluded that because Koutney was pregnant with a girl, she was especially emotional and was subconsciously worried about disappointing her own little girl

She admitted that she didn’t care about the fact that the world knows their family secrets, but she couldn't see where Kris was coming from.

However, it emerged that because she had trust issues with her own partner Scott, it made it more real for her as her mother chose to go down the unfaithful route at a time that was so crucial for her.

She finally opened up to Disick about her family problems following the consultation.

Meanwhile, Kris’s plan to win Kourtney over wasn’t working as she decided to buy an early baby shower gift.

There for her: Kourtney learned to open up about her family problems to partner Scott Disick

Kourtney saw through her stunt and refused to open the adorable gift for her little girl at first.

Instead she said that she had gone to therapy after getting worried about the number of rude comments she had been making towards the woman that brought her into the world.

Her mother was shocked but thought it was fabulous that she told her.

‘I’m going to communicate more about what I’m annoyed about instead of getting mad at you. Thank you for my present. I love it. I love you,’ Kourtney said before they enjoyed an embrace.

Nervous: Kendall became nervous when she and her sister Kylie had to approach strangers in the street for their new job

Nail biting: Kim's younger sister Kendall confided in her about her about being shy

Elsewhere in the episode, Kim and her younger siblings Kendall and Kylie Jenner spent some girly time together applying fake eyelashes.

Ever the joker, Kim tricked them into thinking they had glued her eyes shut.

Also, the girls were thrilled to have landed jobs as West Coast fashion contributors to Seventeen magazine.

But they had problems with the fact that part of their job would be to approach strangers, in the street.

The jokes on you: Bruce was unaware that he was going to be the butt of a joke when he took his Ferrari for a spin

Trickster: Kim, who had a spare key to the sportscar, drove off after Bruce parked it

The girls headed out to a shopping mall and approached some women, but while younger Kylie was more confident about the task, Kendall quickly ran away biting her nails.

‘It’s so annoying to work with you. Stand up and be professional,’ the 14-year-old demanded from Kendall, 16.

The model retorted: ‘Just because I’m shy doesn’t mean I’m not professional. That had nothing to do with it, you don’t say that.’

When Kylie confided in Kim that she had to do that whole job alone, Kim agreed that it was annoying, but helped her see Kendall’s side because she also was shy when competing with outspoken Kourtney and Khloe as youngsters.

Cheeky: The reality star relished in the trickery

Kim tagged along for their next outing to help Kendall come out of her shell.

Their older sister stood to the side as they approached young girls in a parking lot.

Kim and Kylie both gave Kendall words of support, and by the end of the day she admitted it wasn’t as hard as she thought it would be.

Confused: Bruce was left perplexed when he returned to the parking lot to see that the car was missing

Spending even more time together, Kim, Kendall and Kylie went on a hike with Bruce and the girls freaked out over a spider, which he picked up and tried to scare them with.

They jumped in the car and left him with their dogs because they were not impressed with the funnyman.

They made the Olympic medal winner run home, which started a war between the group.

At dinner the fun and games continued as he threw an insect contained in a cup at her prompting Kim to remove her clothes and leave the house almost in tears.

The last laugh: Kim and Scott were in hysterics over the joke

The next day they planned to scare Bruce and so with the help of half-brother Brandon, they devised a plan to steal the Ferrari, which Kim had a spare key to.

Brandon headed to the Go-Kart track with his dad and Kim and Scott secretly followed in a separate vehicle.

They watched in delight as he squirmed thinking the expensive car had been stolen before appearing in front of the worried father and revealed he was the subject of a joke for once.