'Jessica Ennis is not fat!' Toned heptathlete's coach hits out at senior Olympics official who called the medal hopeful overweight

-Toni Minichiello said high-ranking staff at the Games 'should know better'
-Jessica, 26, is the face of Olay's Essentials range

By Emma Reynolds

The coach of heptathlete Jessica Ennis has hit out at a senior Olympics official who labelled the 26-year-old fat.

Furious Toni Minichiello claimed a high-ranking manager working for the Games had said toned Jessica was 'fat and she's got too much weight'.

The former world champion, who is as famous for her impressive six-pack as her sporting prowess, does not need this sort of distraction ahead of her medal bid this summer, her coach added.

Scrutiny: Jessica Ennis was called overweight in spite of the heptathlete's famous six-pack

Focused: Jessica's angry coach said she did not need be distracted by this sort of 'background noise' ahead of her medal bid this summer

Unneeded advice: Toni Minichiello, left, said Jessica, right, did not need to deal with this sort of comment

He said the ill-judged comments came from 'people in fairly high positions, who should know better'.

Fans took to Twitter to express their shock at the comments, with fellow athlete Chiedu Ufodiama tweeting: '‏Toni Minichello's come out in the BBC saying that some senior UKA official thinks Jess Ennis is fat?! #haveyouseenthoseabs?'

But Minichiello insisted that Jessica would remain focused no matter what was said.

'I've never had any issue with her weight or shape,' he told The Guardian. 'There are times I've wished she was taller, but that's it.

'The things you can't deal with are what we've dubbed as "silver bullets". And other people. You can't deal with the expectations and pressures that are on other people, like the [British Olympic Association's] team management.

Beauty queen: Athletics pin-up Jessica recently became the face of Olay's Essentials range

Image conscious: Jess has admitted she never leaves the house without eyeliner and mascara and wears full make-up to compete

'I get e-mails, phone calls, text messages and voicemails giving me advice on what I should be doing with Jessica Ennis that's going to make a difference. It's a lot of background noise that you can get easily distracted by.'

Attractive Jessica recently became the face of Olay's Essentials range, and admitted she never leaves the house without eyeliner and mascara.

She has said that she loves getting dressed up and having her hair and make-up done for red carpet events in her time off from a tough training regime.

Minichiello also slammed plans by the BOA for Team GB members to sign a code of conduct ahead of the Olympics.

Behind the scenes on the Olay ad: 'I love getting my hair and make up done professionally, Jessica admits

In the spotlight: Jessica's coach said she already had enough 'expectations and pressures to deal with'

'What's a big deal to Clive Woodward [BOA's director of elite performance] at the minute is the athletes' agreement,' he said, as Jessica prepares for her last heptathlon before the Olympics in Gotzis, Austria this weekend.

'The Olympics, for Jess, is an individual environment and she knows how to behave and get the best out of herself. You know what? Jessica doesn't have a problem with behaviour.

'We don't have an issue there, we're not going to get embroiled in bad stuff. She signs the flag, we just get on. It's an aesthetic. I may get in trouble for [saying] that.'

Face of Team GB: Jessica, right, modelled Britain's Olympic kit, designed by Stella McCartney, centre, along with triple jumper Phillips Idowu

Boost: Jessica says wearing some make up to compete gives her more confidence

'Silver bullets': Ennis's coach Toni Minichiello said the comments about the star came from someone high up at the Games who 'should know better'