'I felt guilty for Alexandra', says second woman who claims she bedded Jermain Defoe whilst he was dating pop star Burke

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By Fehintola Betiku

Alexandra Burke has dumped Jermain Defoe after Kirsty Crummey, a nurse from Somerset Village, revealed she bedded the Tottenham Hotspur player in March.

Kirsty claims that Defoe 'begged' and 'pestered' her for explicit pictures and asked her to take part in a threesome after they began talking over Facebook.

The 26-year-old also told how Defoe tried to contact Burke the morning after their rendezvous but failed to get a hold of the singer.

The accused and the other woman: Jermain Defoe is said to have cheated on Alexandra Burke for a second time with 26-year-old Kirsty Crummey

Speaking to The Sun, Kirsty told how they had first slept together last year when they met up and he took her to the Holiday Inn Express in Limehouse where they engaged in a two hour long session.

Following on from that she admitted that she had fallen in love with Jermain and accepted his invite to his Hertfordshire mansion six weeks ago despite the fact he was seeing Alexandra at the time.

She said, 'He preyed on my vulnerability. I wasn’t going to turn him down - I’ve never had a footballer like him show interest in me before.'

But now the 26-year-old has revealed she has only spoken out against Defoe as a word of warning to any of girls that might befalling for his charm.

She told newspaper, 'He has hurt me so much. I just hope other girls reading this see him for what he is and don’t fall into the same trap I did - and Alexandra Burke now knows what he’s like.'

Over: Alexandra Burke has called time on her relationship with footballer Jermain Defoe

Earlier today on Twitter Jermain appeared to try to make a joke about the allegations before switching to a more serious tone.

He attempted to mock Crummey by referring to her as comedian Peter Kay and claimed this was another example of a person trying to get rich off of his name.

He tweeted, 'I've allegedly been having a relationship with Peter Kay, sorry to say I'm not attracted to Peter (dry those eyes) here again is an example of someone trying to make money off of my back'.

He continued, 'the fact of the matter is it doesn't matter what people try to do you can never break my spirit'.

Turning to religion in closing he said, 'God loves me and so do my family and true fans #blessed'.

Happier times: The couple were seen arm in arm last month following reports that Jermain had bedded 23-year-old Geordie model Laura Brown

It's no surprise that Alexandra Burke gave the striker the boot following news of a second affair which has surfaced just weeks after Defoe allegedly bedded Geordie model, Laura Brown.

However, Burke is said to be 'heartbroken' as she was really trying to make a go at things with Jermain.

On May 8, she seemed to be putting the rumors to rest when she tweeted, 'Love conquers all', despite reports that her beau had been unfaithful.

But today a friend of the Let It Go singer told the newspaper very differently, saying, 'Alex is heartbroken but she has ended it. It’s all over. They are not together any more.'

'Alex thought Jermain might be the one but has now decided to move on with her life,' added the friend.

The broken-hearted girl: Alexandra Burke put on a brave face as she enjoyed a day out to Thorpe Park

She needed that: The 23-year-old uploaded a picture of her drinking and the caption read, 'Had to be done'

Devastated by the way things between her and Jermain ended, Alexandra took to her Twitter account to let her followers in on how she was feeling.

One of her tweets read, 'What don't kill you, only makes you stronger....'

Sometimes it don't feel real. Bed. Just want it to be a bad dream...

Keeping up appearances the former X Factor winner was purely business when she tweeted, '#HOH' which is the title of her new album Heartbreak On Hold.

Following Alexandra's lead and keeping focused on his immediate future, Jermain was all about football after her failed to deny he had indeed cheated on her with the nurse.

His tweet read, 'More importantly it's a massive game today woke up feeling like I was at senrab waiting for the cup final #COYS'.

Getting away from the heartbreak: Burke shared a picture on her Instagram account of her and some friends