'We are back together': Natalie Cassidy has reunited with her violent ex fiance Adam Cottrell


By J J Anisiobi

They split last May and called off their wedding after he was arrested and convicted of assaulting her.

However, Natalie Cassidy has forgiven her violent fiance Adam Cottrell and today announced that she is back with the man who assaulted her.

Her family and friends are wary of the reconciliation but she hopes that they will see the man who she once feared has changed.

Back for good: Natalie Cassidy has taken back her violent ex fiance Adam Cottrell

Earlier this month her agent put out a statement denying that the couple were reuniting and said: 'Natalie and Adam are on civil terms.'

But after an emotional phone call from Adam, 32, Natalie felt obliged to not only help her alcoholic ex but to also stand by his side while she knew the rest of the world would condemn her.

Cottrell called Cassidy crying his eyes out and apologising for all his past actions and the former EastEnders actress decided to forgive him and now believes that they can work.

She told the People newspaper: 'But I do forgive Adam. We are back together and I strongly believe we can make it work.'

She continued: ' I now realise everything that happened between Adam and myself was down to alcohol. Adam wanting a drink, Adam having a drink, Adam feeling guilty about having a drink.'

The couple have a 17-month-old daughter together called Eliza and she was part of the reason that the actress decided to take back Adam.

Happy face: Natalie looked in a good mood yesterday, and now we know why

She said that if things don't work out she wants to be able to look back in 20 years time and tell her daughter that at least she tried her best.

She said to the newspaper: 'I am happy where we are now and I love him. I fancy the pants off him. He fancies the pants off me.'

Last June, Adam was sentenced to 120 hours unpaid work and given a restraining order to stop him contacting Natalie after he admitted assaulting her.

He first attacked her on April 13 last year when he smeared her with mascara and hit her with a slipper on her leg.

Happy families: The couple were spotted together earlier this month with their daughter Eliza

Then, on May 20, he grabbed her arms and ripped her top and smashed up their Hertfordshire home, breaking a £200 microwave, wine glasses and a candelabra as Natalie fled, taking Eliza, now 17-months-old, with her.

In June, he admitted two counts of assault by beating and one offence of criminal damage.

The following month, Natalie gave an interview in which she said: 'I thought he was "The One". I'm still in love with him but I hate him for everything he's done.

'I still have feelings for him but I can't see us getting back together because of everything that's happened.'

The denial: Natalie said that the couple were simply civil terms but it seems there was more to it

Those feelings never really went away and after they spoke on the phone just before Christmas, she realised how much she still loved him.

In December he was found unconscious in the front garden of an elderly couple's home where he had smashed a window and had been arrested.

With no where left to turn he rand Natalie and instead of blasting him she realised that he needed a friend and invited him to her home.

After he confessed to needing help and apologised to the woman he had mentally and physically abused, the couple decided to give their relationship another go.

Incognito: Adam has been sober for two months and Natalie is standing by him

Adam, who has now been sober for two months, was found guilty of causing £300 of criminal damage and was given 40 hours of unpaid work before magistrates in Southend, Essex.

Natalie told the newspaper: 'Hopefully now with the court case behind him he can do his community service and continue with his recovery.'