On the front row! David Beckham makes his Fashion Week debut at Victoria's New York show- joined by cheeky baby Harper

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By Holly Thomas

Me and my girls: David Beckham arrived today for Victoria's New York Fashion Week show at the NY Public Library holding Harper in his arms

She's certainly had more fashion experience in her seven months than many people have in their whole lives.

And today Harper Beckham's superstar father got in on the action.

David Beckham arrived with his daughter for Victoria's New York Fashion Week show at the Public Library, with Harper pulling cheeky faces in his arms.

Victoria arrived with her family, but quickly disappeared inside to catch up on progress backstage, while David went to take his seat next to US Vogue editor-in chief Anna Wintour.

Cheeky! Harper stuck her tongue out and smiled as her adoring father grinned at the onlookers

Harper couldn't have looked sweeter in a grey woolen dress, white cap and white tights.

The seven-month-old cheekily stuck her tongue out and smiled as her father looked on indulgently.

David looked handsome as ever in a sharp grey suit, while Victoria was elegant in a trademark fitted black skirt and short cardigan.

Harper and David took a tour backstage before the show, no doubt wishing Victoria good luck before she debuted her autumn/winter 2012-13 collection.

Miniature fashion plate: Harper couldn't have looked sweeter in a grey woolen dress, white cap and white tights

Gave her the tour: Beckham took Harper for a backstage look at the show before it started

The designer exhibited her trademark feminine, fitted shapes on the catwalk, finished with military detail.

Victoria took footwear in a new direction however, replacing heels with tough-looking biker boots.

She explained in the show notes for her runway show that she has been especially keen to explore her interest in details and technique this season.

'The idea of how the body can connect to the clothes through their construction and detail fascinates me,' she wrote.

In need of a nap? Harper looked a little drowsy over her father's shoulder as he made his way inside

Got to work: Victoria lost no time in catching up with what was going on, while David stayed in charge of Harpe

And now Victoria Beckham has immortalised her baby girl in the world of design, with a tribute most could only dream of- unveiling her new Harper handbag on the runway tonight.

She's certainly continued to earn plaudits in the fashion world.

'She is so determined and focused in anything she does, whether it's her career, figure or clothing line,' said Nina Garcia, Marie Claire fashion director and Project Runway panelist.

Mixing with fashion royalty: David sat next to Vogue editor-in-chief as he took snaps from the front row

Impressed? Anna certainly appeared to be absorbed in Victoria's designs as she watched the models march past

'She's her best advertisement. She always looks great, is a fashion icon herself and has a passion for what she's doing.'

However it seems managing a fashion empire and being a mother to four children- not to mention wife to one of the most famous and desired men in the world-

'It got to the point, just before Christmas, when for the first time ever, I wasn't actually sure if I could cope,' she confessed, according to The People.

Success! Victoria emerged at the end of the show to a storm of applause from her appreciative audience

The smile says it all: Always-modest Victoria's faces showed that she was pleased with her collection's reception

'I was working in London and the day I finished work, I went to bed and woke up at 4 o'clock in the morning with a chest infection and throat infection.''I very rarely get sick - I can't remember the last time before that that I had a cold or anything - but I guess I was really feeling the pressure.'

Victoria revealed that she was so exhausted after flying to Los Angeles during her pregnancy once that airport staff tried to put her in a wheelchair.

'I got home from the final trip on the last day the doctor had given me permission to travel' she explained.

Passing on your thoughts? Anna looked absorbed on her phone as she took a moment to herself

'I was so pregnant that when I landed at LAX they tried to put me in a wheelchair. Can you imagine? I was like, I don't think so, thank you very much.'

Thankfully it seems that now Harper has arrived she is behaving like a dream, as VB added: 'She's such a good baby. I love all my children exactly the same of course, but the boys were hard work. They had colic, they had acid reflux. They never slept.'

Military style: Victoria went for bold colours in feminine shapes for her autumn/winter 2012/13 collection

Break from the norm: Victoria eschewed her usual heels in favour of chunkier heeled boots#

Clean-cut: Victoria chose simple but effective colour combinations, with the models in minimal make-up

Sharp lines: Victoria heightened the drama with her clean tailoring and silhouettes