Katy Perry signs divorce papers with a smiley face... as Russell Brand agrees to walk away from her £28million

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By Donna Mcconnell and Laura Schreffler

That's a wrap: Russell Brand seen arriving at a yoga class in Los Angeles on Tuesday, the day he filed final divorce papers to end his marriage to Katy Perry

Katy Perry and Russell Brand have signed on the dotted line to finalise their divorce.

The pair have agreed to split their assets, and her husband of 14 months has waived any claim to the chart-topping singers £28million ($44million) fortune.

But despite the sad circumstances, in court papers which emerged yesterday detailing the end of their marriage, the quirky pop singer signed the legal documents off with an upbeat 'smiley face.'

According to Forbes magazine Brand is worth a relatively small £4million in comparison to the Firework singer's £28 million fortune.

The couple who married in October 2010 didn't sign a pre-nup, and as a result, in the state of California everything they earned during their 14-month marriage is deemed community property - which means their each entitled to 50 per pent each.

However with Katy making a huge $44 million between May, 2010 and May, 2011 - according to Forbes magazine, Russell stood to gain considerably more.

Amicable: Russell has waived any claim to the singer's £28million fortune after the couple agreed a divorce settlement

Signed sealed delivered: Katy Pery is officially Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson again

A happy face: The singer signed her divorce documents with a smiley face

But the Forgetting Sarah Marshall star has waived any claim to the money the Teenage Dream singer made during their short-lived marriage.

However he will take a share of their assets, which may include a cut of the $6.5 million property, which he was seen moving out of a few weeks back.

Russell's lawyer filed final divorce papers yesterday. However the judge will make the divorce official on June 30, as there's a six month waiting period before the divorce is declared final.

Meanwhile the comic was seen heading to a yoga class the same day the papers detailing the end of his marriage emerged.

It's finally over: Katy Perry and Russell Brand have amicably settled their divorce

Moving on: The $6.5million seven bedroom Hollywood Hills mansion Russell and Katy bought together last summer

According to the papers filed at the Los Angeles Superior Court, Perry has gone back to her maiden name of Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson once.

In addition to keeping her money and her identity, the agreement also covers distribution of their property.

Perry's papers say, and she asks that the court not be involved in awarding spousal support to Brand.

In the paperwork filed by Brand, 36, he ticked a box saying that both parties 'agree this cause may be decided as an uncontested matter' and says they have waived their rights to a trial.

Irreconcilable differences: The British comedian filed irreconcilable differences

The couple two got married at an Indian tiger sanctuary tied the knot in October 2010 were taking some time apart when Brand allegedly surprised his wife by filing for divorce in late December.

Reports of marital discord haunted the couple in the months leading up to their very public split, but Brand has spoken out about his wish to keep things friendly.

'I’ll always adore her and I know we’ll remain friends,' he said in a statement.

And in a few cryptic tweets posted earlier in the week he opined: 'We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them' he wrote, citing a quote by Albert Einstein.

Then added: 'What a twerp.'

That's a wrap! Though they filed their documentation yesterday, the divorce wont' take effect for six months

That's a wrap! Though they filed their documentation yesterday, the divorce wont' take effect for six months

Dissolution of marriage: The legal term for 'it's over'

Having it all: The 27-year-old singer gets to keep all the wealth she made during her marriage