Did Madonna put on the greatest show on Earth? Singer suffers only a small slip up during spectacular half time show at the Super Bowl

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By Sarah Fitzmaurice

-Forced to repeat a dance move to hoist herself up on one of the bleachers
-M.I.A. flips the middle finger and curses into the camera during joint performance
-The New York Giants triumphed over the New England Patriots 21-17

Cleopatra? Madonna put on an energetic and spectacular half time show during halftime at the NFL Super Bowl XLVI game

She declared she had to put on 'the greatest show on earth, during the greatest show on Earth' and Madonna certainly didn't disappoint.

The singer, 53, put on an impressive performance during the halftime show of the NFL Super Bowl XLVI football game between the New York Giants and the New England Patriots.

There was just one small slip-up onstage where the singing legend was strutting her way across the bleachers to Music, the second song in her set, and was unable to step up onto one of them and had to repeat the dance move to hoist herself up.


Huge procession: The halftime show opened with a huge procession of Egyptian soldiers as the intro to Vogue began to play

Despite the tiny mistake Madonna stunned crowds, singing her way through classic hits Vogue, Like a Prayer and Music, as well as performing her new song Give Me All Your Luvin.

While the pressure to perform well was immense and greatly felt, Madonna rose to the challenge and she can be thankful she avoided any Janet Jackson-style wardrobe malfunctions.

Large procession: The singer was accompanied by a large entourage as she came out onto the stage

Walk like an Egyptian: The singer dressed in a long glittering gold robe and intricate headdress, before taking off the cloak to reveal her black ensemble

Even her small error was laughed off by the true professional and laughed it off throwing herself into the next sequence of the set.

Aside from that trivial mistake, which she styled out, the singer put on an energetic and fun show with help from LMFAO, Nicki Minaj, MIA and Cee Lo Green.

Homage: Projections of the fashion magazine were seen on the stage of the set while Madonna was performing Vogue

Dramatic attire: Maddona's intricate headdress was made by milliner to the stars Phillip Treacy

The halftime show opened with a huge procession of Egyptian soldiers carrying a large platform as the intro to Vogue began.

Behind a series of feathers Madonna emerged and appeared to be invoking her inner Cleopatra-cum-Roman solider.

Showing off her moves: Madonna was seen throwing shapes around the stage

Small slip: Madonna only appeared to make one noticeable mistake when she failed to step back up onto a bleacher through her performance of Music

The singer was dressed in a pair of over-the-knee boots, a black dress by Givenchy with a golden Roman-inspired skirt over the top, and a short cape.

She also donned a golden headpiece custom made by milliner to the stars Philip Treacy.

Talented: Madonna managed to recover to make her way down the steps to a podium to hip thrust while a man was seen dancing and jumping around on a high wire

Split-tacular: Madonna was lifted high up into the air with her legs in the splits

She lip-synced her way through the hit 80’s hit as she strut around the stage with supersized projections be displayed on the stage beneath her.

As she 'Vogued' her way around the stage throwing angular shapes around with her arms Madonna paid homage to the magazine with graphics covering the floor.

Having a ball: Madonna climbed onto the shoulders of one of LMFAO as their track was mashed in with Madonna's Music

Showing them how it's done? The singer didn't let her age get in the way of her energetic performance

Next up came Music where she took to the bleachers, and suffered her small slip-up as she danced her way down the steps with a group of gymnastic males.

As a dancer on a wire showed off his skills she hip thrust her way through the performance.

Bird's eye view: All eyes were on Madonna during the incredible spectacle

Shake that: Madonna was seen leading the cheerleader dancers as she strut around the stage with gold pom poms

LAMFAO then joined her on stage and the song was mashed up with their hit.

Madonna was seen climbing onto the shoulders of one of the band before hip thrusting some more on the DJ booth.

With a rip of her skirt and a grab of some golden pom poms the show moved seamlessly into her new track Give Me All Your Luvin.

Body popping: Madonna and Nicki danced around together showing off their curves

Young ones: Nicki and MIA held their own during the performance with the latter trying to steal the show from Madonna by swearing

Roman cheer leaders? Nicki Minaj joined the signer on stage for their song Give Me All Your Luvin

Veteran and young guns: Madonna lead Nicki Minaj and MIA as they danced to their new song

How rude: MIA decided to cause some controversy and decided to swear right into the camera

As well as a team of cheerleaders Madonna was joined by Nicki Minaj and MIA and the performances formed a triangle with Madonna at the head.

While the focus was clearly on Madonna, MIA appeared to want to cause controversy and was seen swearing into the camera.

As the lights dimmed a church choir was seen taking to the stage, giving Madonna an opportunity to don a floor-length priest's outfit.

Doing her thing: Nicki Minaj was seen rapping her way through part of Give Me All Your Luvin

Full of cheer? Madonna MIA and Nicki appeared to be part of their own cheer-leading team on stage

Quick change: As a backing choir came onto the stage for the final song Like A Prayer it gave Madonna and Cee Lo some time for a quick change

Joining the band! Cee Lo led a band on stage with Madonna and the performers donned hats with furs

Cee Lo Green also donned a sequined ensemble and joined Madonna on an alter which raised up into the air as they sang Like a Prayer.

With the large backing choir behind them the show ended with a loving message, as Madonna disappeared under the stage the words 'World Peace' was written on the large screen floor.

Saints or sinners? The blonde mimed the words to her hit song

Taking center stage: All the camera flashes from the crowd could be seen as Madonna performed her final track

It appeared Madonna's performance proved popular with celebrities and many famous faces took to Twitter to congratulate the veteran performer.

will.i.am of the Black Eyed Peas tweeted: '#whatdoyouthinkofthehalftimeperformance I thought madonna rocked..that stage was amazing...I'm so proud of my guys lmfao #madonnaisalegend.'

On her knees: Madonna was seen kneeling down as Cee Lo sang away

Huge crowd: The show was watched by the 70 thousand strong football fans and millions of people across the globe on TV

Up on high: Cee Lo and Madonna were seen up on high as they sang Like A Prayer

Meanwhile 30 Rock star Alec Baldwin also had something to say and posted: 'Two quarters of Superbowl and the strongest performer is Madonna...'

Snoop Dogg, Sharon Osbourne and Rosie O'Donnell also gave rave reviews of Madonna's act.

Celebrity approval: Ryan Seacrest, will.i.am, Alec Baldwin and Paula Abdul all took to Twitter to congratulate the singer

High praise: Snoop Dogg, Sharon Osbourne and Rosie O'Donnell also gave Madonna rave reviews

But not everyone was as impressed.

Piers Morgan and Seth MacFarlane took a more critical approach with their review.

The CNN presenter commented: 'Yuk. Just put it away Madonna. Seriously. #Superbowl.'

Not so impressed:Piers Morgan and Seth MacFarlane took a more critical approach with their review

Ending on a nice note: As Madonna disappeared below the stage the screen spelled out World Peace