A life in tattoos: David Beckham's strange obsession with exhibitionist body art and the meanings behind each design

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By Julia Lawrence

When pictures of David Beckham posing in skimpy underpants were published this week, it wasn’t just his muscles that commanded attention, but his startling array of tattoos.

Here, JULIA LAWRENCE charts how his obsession has grown over the years...

This picture of David Beckham posing in tight briefs for retail fashion chain H&M showed off not just his impressive physique but his huge number of tattoos

Left hand, love and swallow, 2011: Victoria broke the news of these latest tattoos three months ago, tweeting a picture that showed the word 'Love' had been added to David¿s hand, beside the first of two swallow designs - supposedly a symbol of family love and loyalty. New baby Harper Seven can be seen gripping one of Dad's fingers