'I hate the word diet... but I've lost a stone in a month!' Kerry Katona says post-festive detox has left her tipping scales at 9st 4lb


By Nadia Mendoza

New woman: Despite saying she hates the word 'diet', Kerry Katona has lost one stone in the last month

While most people have broken their New Year resolutions by January 2, Kerry Katona has embarked on a fitness regime to lose a stone in just one month.

Although she may have had a headstart by kicking off the detox before 2012, she has done an incredible job not to let the diet slip and said she gorged just twice over Christmas.

The mother-of-four revealed she gained an uncomfortable amount of weight during her summer stint on Celebrity Big Brother, continuing to gorge on bread and cheese after her time in the house.

Despite looking confident posing in a blue bikini and nude platform heels for Closer magazine, Kerry said she would still opt for a tummy tuck if she could afford it.

Although she has already been under the surgeon's knife for liposuction, a breast reduction and a breast lift, the former Dancing On Ice contestant is willing to have another go at a nip/tuck.

She said: 'After having four kids, I’m not confident about my belly. When Max was born in 2008, I was offered liposuction for a TV show - and I think I’d have it all if I could get it for free.

'In the past few weeks, my arms have become super toned. I feel like Arnold Schwarzenegger... but I still hate my stomach. If I could afford it, I’d have a tummy tuck.'

Weight loss success: Kerry was a stone heavier at the OK! Christmas party on November 29 last year

But Kerry should be rewarded for losing her excess bulge the healthy way with an intensive four-day session at GI Jane Boot Camp, where she shed an incredible 2lbs each day.

On her return home, she continued to work with her trainer Liam Lonergan which helped her drop from a size 10-12 and weight of 10st 4lb to a size 8–10 and around 9st 4lb.

She said: 'I pigged out on a massive Christmas dinner, but I was good for the rest of the day. Luckily, I’ve never liked mince pies or Christmas pud.

'My boyfriend [artist Steve Alce, 33] was there and everyone got on really well and then on New Year’s Day Danielle Brown [Mel B’s sister] came over and cooked up a delicious lunch.

'They’re the only two days I had off from my detox!'

CBB graduate: Kerry appeared on Big Brother's Bit On The Side and said she thinks Andrew Stone is vain

Friends reunited: Kerry and former winner Paddy Doherty caught up over champagne on the CBB spin-off show

The 31-year-old, whose weight has yo-yoed in the past and at her biggest was 12 stone, added: 'I was eating loads of bread and cheese – that’s why I put on weight.

'I’d gained a stone, but going to boot camp gave me the kick up the bum I needed!”

In 2009, Kerry shrunk to a tiny size 6-8 and weighed just 8st 5lb through over-exercising.

But her new petite frame was too unrealistic to manage and she gradually gained weight again.

This time, Kerry insists she can keep off the weight as her focus is to be healthy, not skinny.

She said: 'I was extremely thin because I was doing a lot of exercise. I kept it all off up until last August before I went into CBB.

'But the difference now is I’m exercising because it’s good for my brain, it makes me feel good.

'I don’t exercise because I want to be skinny, although the upside is you do look better.

'With Liam, I did lots of boxing and some really tough work with kettlebells, which are a killer!'

Kerry added: 'Being healthy is manageable as long as you’re in a routine. You need to eat little and often – but I don’t like the word diet.

'2011 was a massive turning point, personally and career-wise. I’m proud of the struggles I’ve overcome; hopefully I’ve helped men and women going through bankruptcy, divorce and all that!

'I’ve turned down doing another reality TV show and I feel like I’ve got my life back - and, more importantly, I’ve got my private life back.

'I’m out of bankruptcy, my divorce is finalised and I have custody of kids, what more could I ask for?'