'Back to normality': Natasha and Rhodri Giggs emerge from their home after spending the night together

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By Andrea Magrath

Moving forward: Rhodri Giggs and Natasha were pictured leaving their Bolton home together today

Her behaviour of late has hardly been that of a wife desperately seeking forgiveness after cheating on her husband.

But nevertheless, Rhodri Giggs appears to be ready to welcome Natasha back into his life after her headline-grabbing stint on Celebrity Big Brother - which she chose to do rather than work on her crumbling relationship.

Days after the 29-year-old was evicted from the house, she was back on the couple's couch at their Bolton home, with 36-year-old Rhodri posting a picture on Twitter with the caption: 'Back to normality.'

'Back to normality': Rhodri posted this picture of Natasha relaxing on the couch at their home last night on Twitter

And today, the couple emerged from their home together, indicating that she had spent the night with her estranged husband.

While Rhodri and Natasha appear to be working on getting their marriage back on track, it hasn't stopped him from publicly slamming his wife for her behaviour.

He waded into a Twitter row between Natasha and her former love rival Imogen Thomas today, calling them 'sad' and saying both women need to 'move on.'

Courting controversy: This morning Imogen sent catty messages to rival Natasha Giggs over Twitter

Wading in: Natasha's husband Rhodri quickly offered his opinion on the spat

The spat started when Miss Thomas launched a scathing attack on Natasha this morning, writing 'Not enough fish in the sea #keepingitinthefamily #s***tingonyourowndoorstep'.

An incensed Natasha hit back, retorting that it was a case of the pot calling the kettle black, given that they both engaged in affairs with Ryan Giggs.

However Imogen took issue with her point of 'keeping it in the family,' a reference to Natasha's affair with her brother-in-law, given that she is obviously not related.

Feud: Natasha and Imogen Thomas (far right) are still bickering over their affairs with Natasha's brother-in-law Ryan Giggs

It wasn't long before Rhodri offered his thoughts, tweeting: 'It really tickles me all this bitching Imogen Thomas and Natasha Giggs are both sad for what they BOTH did get over it and move on. Zzzz.'

In the past week Rhodri has broken his silence on the scandal that dominated the headlines last year and saw his home life fall apart.

While his wife was busy boosting her profile on Big Brother, Giggs gave an interview to the Sun revealing that the couple were making an attempt to rebuild their marriage, despite him disapproving of her going on the Channel Five series.

Celebrity over reconciliation: Rhodri has admitted he disapproved of his wife's decision to milk the scandal by going on Celebrity Big Brother

The couple were seeing each other every day in the run-up to her entering the CBB house.

Of Natasha's eight-year affair with his brother Ryan, he said: 'The hardest thing about this all is the images of them being together. I married her for better for worse... for life.'

'He took Natasha despite him having everything and me nothing,' he told the Sun. 'She was the only thing I had and he did not - so he took it.'

'He did this because he would get away with it.'