'What's a whisk?' Ditzy Chantelle Houghton fails to impress her celebrity dinner guests on Come Dine With Me


By Sarah Bull

She was never going to be the most accomplished of chefs.

But when Chantelle Houghton invited four celebrities over for dinner for a special edition of Come Dine With Me, she stunned her guests with her complete lack of skills in the kitchen.

Chantelle had decided to make Eton Mess for dessert, but managed to get herself in a state when she couldn't figure out what to use to whip the cream.

What's a whisk? Chantelle Houghton looks a bit bemused by the prospect of whipping cream for her Eton Mess dessert on Celebrity Come Dine With Me

Ringing her best friend, Chantelle asked her: 'How do you whip something, what do you whip it with? A whipper?'

Ten minutes later, an elated Chantelle thought she had cracked it, saying: 'I know, it's called a whisker!'

Chantelle was given the task of preparing dinner for four fellow celebrities - Dead Or Alive singer Pete Burns, comedienne Cleo Rocos, Pineapple Dance Studios' Andrew Stone and champion darts player Bobby George.

Eat up! Chantelle was cooking for Cleo Rocos, Pete Burns, Bobby George and Andrew Stone

But former Big Brother star Chantelle admitted she was more than a little nervous about preparing dinner for her guests

She said: 'I've never hosted a dinner party before and I don't think I ever will again - it's so stressful!'

Chantelle opted to prepare an entirely vegetarian meal for her fellow stars, despite knowing that Bobby is a carnivore through and through.

How do you cook this? Chantelle admitted she had no idea what she was doing in the kitchen as she prepared dinner for her guests

Struggling: Chantelle admitted she would not be hosting a dinner party again

She decided to prepare bruschetta to start, followed by Surprise Spaghetti Bolognaise (the surprise being that it wasn't real meat), and Eton Mess for dessert.

And after admitting she had 'never' before made bruschetta, Chantelle told the Channel 4 cameras that she was blagging her way through.

She laughed: 'This is called blagging it! Just chop it and hope for the best really!'

Chantelle also ran into problems in her local supermarket when she tried to figure out how much vegetarian mince she needed.

Keeping it real: Chantelle popped to her local supermarket to pick up the ingredients for her meal

Hello! Chantelle greets Pineapple Dance Studios' Andrew Stone at the door

She said: 'This is a family pack, but how many people are in a family? How many packs do you think I need?'

Strolling around her supermarket looking remarkably out of place in a pair of sky-high heels, Chantelle added: 'Even though I'm a celebrity, I like to keep it real and I'm just getting my weekly shop like everyone else on the street.'

And after her bruschetta went down well as the starter, Bobby was less than impressed with the main, calling it 'Mickey Mouse meat'.

Posing up: The group pose together ahead of their week of dinner parties

He joked: 'She's an awful cook but them good looking birds normally are!'

Bobby also had something to say about one of his fellow guests, singer Pete, who is almost unrecognisable after a series of plastic surgery procedures.

Bobby said: 'When I opened the door and saw Pete I thought that it was Tutankhamen with a wig on - he made me jump!

What's going on? Darts player Bobby was unimpressed with Pete Burns' appearance

Changing faces: Pete donned a blonde wig for Chantelle's meal before changing into a green wig for another meal later in the week

'He frightens me. He's like something that falls out of space - he's like an alien.'

And when Chantelle decided to entertain her guests by playing 'What would you be if you weren't a celebrity'? Bobby said to Pete, 'If you weren't you, you'd be a woman.'

He later added: 'Pete looks like a woman, he's got make-up on and he says that he didn't like women!'

Chantelle's other entertainment idea, making everyone do a catwalk while she judged, did not go down well with Pete, who complained: 'I thought that Chantelle's idea of entertainment sucked a big one.'

And while Chantelle marked herself a 6.5 out of 10 after the meal, her celebrity guests were slightly kinder with their scoring.