'I think I've been in LA too long': Cheryl Cole dons fake collagen-style lips as she pokes fun at plastic surgery culture


By Alanah Eriksen

Getting lippy: Cheryl Cole tweeted this hilarious picture of her sporting massive smackers, quipping: 'I think we've been in LA too long.. LMHO!!'

The photo was taken as the star reclined on a white pillow, wearing a checked shirt and a massive pair of ray Ban-style sunglasses, her dark hair loose.

Cheryl added a joking message, addressed to her assistant Lily England.

'I think we've been in LA too long.. LMHO(Laughing My Head Off)!!,' she wrote.

Cheryl, 28, was poking fun at Hollywood's obsession with plastic surgery.
She has said she doesn't understand why people have nose jobs.

'I can't get my head around everyone having the same nose, because I think it's the unique things about your face that make you beautiful.

'I'm not judging, but unless something is really getting you down, it's best not to mess with nature.'

In fact Cheryl appears to be settling in well across the Atlantic, recently launching her own shoe line and reportedly having a number of other projects in the works, including recording songs for a new album.

Her friend Simon Cowell famously axed her from the U.S. X Factor this year but she appears to be in good spirits.

Cheryl has really taken to the social networking site in the past few weeks, often updating her status and posting funny pictures.
She made a Twitter account earlier this year but did not tw
eet for months.

Moved on: Cheryl is reportedly on the look out for a new man who is not a 'midget' like her ex-husband Ashley Cole

Cheryl is reportedly ready to put herself back on the market again, following her divorce from England footballer Ashley Cole.

According to Now! magazine she dubbed the Chelsea star 'the midget' because of his 5ft 9in stature.

'When she was speaking to [her manager] Will.i.am recently, Cheryl told him she's on the lookout for someone,' a source said.

'He said he had the perfect guy in mind who's a producer in the States - but he was a bit short.'

The insider added: 'She laughed and said: "I don't want another midget like Ashley!" They both burst out into hysterics.'