'He makes me feel sick': TOWIE's Lucy denies sleeping with Mark and is back in the arms of Mario following a very short break

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By Kirsty Mccormack

Back together: Lucy Mecklenburgh and Mario Falcone were pictured leaving Sugar Hut last night following their short break

He may have said he wanted to go on a break with girlfriend Lucy Mecklenburgh, but it seems that Mario Falcone has changed his mind.

The Only Way Is Essex couple were pictured leaving popular nightclub, Sugar Hut, last night and looked very much together.

During last night's episode of the reality TV show, the pair had a heart-to-heart following Mark Wright's claim that he had slept with Lucy three weeks ago.

On Sunday's show Mark told Mario that his girlfriend had cheated on him while he was away in Ibiza, and to Mark's surprise Lucy didn't respond to the accusation.

This resulted in Mario telling the pretty brunette that they needed to take a break.

However, their break didn't last very long as the pair made up with Lucy saying she felt 'humiliated' and regretted not standing up for herself.

'I believe you': TOWIE star Mario told Lucy he wants to be with her despite Mark's claims that he slept with her three weeks ago

After telling Mario that there was no truth to Mark's claim, Mario insisted that he still wanted to be with Lucy.

'Fortunately for you I do believe you,' he said. 'I don't want to do a break - I don't do breaks. I want to be with you,' he added.

Heart-to-heart: The couple sat down and spoke about the accusations that Mark had made

Lucy began crying as the pair continued to make up saying that she had no feelings for nightclub promoter Mark and that he made her 'feel sick.'

'You're not just my girlfriend, you're my best friend,' Mario told her. 'So I'm going to look out for you.'

Hurt: Mario looked upset as he confronted his girlfriend about claims that Lucy had slept with Mark whilst he was in Ibiza

And that's exactly what he did last night as he stepped out with Lucy back on his arm.

Wearing a pair of light blue jeans with a beige jacket, the TV star looked happy to be back with his glamorous girlfriend.

Lucy had glammed up for their mid-week night out wearing a leopard print dress with leather corset detailing and wore a pair of patent stilettos.

As the couple left the Essex hotspot, Mario looked pleased as he got into his car with his girlfriend - who couldn't take her eyes off of her mobile phone as the pair sped off.

Tearful: Pretty brunette Lucy began to cry as she told Mario that Mark makes her 'feel sick'