'You're too good for her, she's playing games': Paddy warns Lucien off Amy while Kerry tells him to be careful

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Just be careful: Kerry Katona snuggles up to Lucien Laviscourt as they discuss Amy Childs in the garden

Yesterday he was slammed for his serial flirting even though he clearly only had eyes for Amy Childs.

But Lucien Laviscount has been warned off the Essex redhead after Paddy Doherty told him that she was playing games with him.

And Kerry Katona, who is friends with Childs, also warned the young actor to be careful and said he should wait until he leaves the house before making a decision about her.

What does she do? Paddy Doherty moans about Amy avoiding cleaning the house because she's too busy in front of the mirror

She also told him that she would be looking out for him as they started they day lying on the sofa talking about the vajazzle queen.

Lucien admitted that he thinks she is playing up to the cameras and that he doesn't believe a word she says even though Kerry, careful not to slag off her friend, said she disagreed.

But she told him: 'If she messes my lad around, she's got me to deal with. Just be careful.'

Cleaning? What cleaning? Amy is too busy with her rollers to grab a duster and help her housemates

Paddy, on the other hand, was more forthcoming in his opinion of her, having bemoaned her beauty regime to Big Brother and then telling Lucien she was no good for him.

As the other housemates spent the morning cleaning and tidying the house, Paddy went to the Diary Room to moan about Amy.

He said that she takes three hours to get ready and added: 'She does nothing. The only thing that girl does is her hair, the girl does nothing. She takes her beauty regime very seriously.'

Cosy: But moments later, Amy upped and left Lucien's side, prompting Paddy to call her a player

Steady as they go: The boy band must try and hold their pose for as long as possible....

.. as they went head-to-head with Kela in a pose-off competition

Paddy told him: 'You’re too good for her, she’s playing games. She's playing with you.'

Kerry, who was pacing the room after jumping on Lucien on the bed and cuddling him, added: 'I agree 110 percent.

'This house does crazy to people. She's a sweet girl but wait til you get out as this is not the right environment.'

Meanwhile, attentions were soon drawn to the Battle of the Bands task where Paddy, Darryn, Bobby and John formed a boy band, Take This, Kerry, Amy, Lucien and Edward made up a girl band and rehearse and perform for a music video.

Who can last the longest? John and Lucien were the last ones standing at the end of the pose-off

The next task was a 'pose-off' where each band would have to pose for as long as they possibly could without moving.

It came down to John and Lucien with John being declared the winner meaning Take This won and were given a champagne party with the house being transformed into the Brotherly Hills Hotel.

KELA also had to adopt the role of devoted fans and have to sleep in the garden and perform duties for the band including carrying out specific rider requests.

Wrap up warm: John and Bobby bid goodnight to the losing 'band' who now have to sleep outside for the night as their groupies

These included 'the groupies' being given a large bucket filled with different coloured sweets and each each band member asking their groupie to separate their favourite coloured sweet from the rest.

Once finished, all sorted sweets were taken to the Diary Room for Big Brother to check before Kerry, Amy, Lucien and Edward could become normal housemates again.

Blame Van Halen: Kerry and Amy go through buckets of sweets separating the colours just like the urban rock 'n' roll myth about the rock band and their infamous M&Ms rider request


Celebrity Bg Brother 2011 :: Celebrity Battle Of The Bands - The Pose Off.

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