You couldn't get away with THAT in the Commons! Sally Bercow reveals a little too much in a plunging dress

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By Alanah Eriksen

Revealing: Sally Bercow flashed her bra when reviewing the news headlines on ITV's This Morning today

She has already embarrassed her husband on national television and Sally Bercow is showing no signs of holding back.

The Celebrity Big Brother star, 41, flashed her bra and a lot of leg in a loose-fitting blue dress as she appeared on ITV's This Morning today.

And then she took her attention-seeking to Parliament, hauling fellow Celebrity Big Brother contestant Paddy Doherty back to her home there.

Earlier the pair had gushed about each other on the morning show.

Sally, the wife of House of Commons Speaker, John Bercow, tweeted a picture of herself with the My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding star grinning over coffee.

They were near the couple's apartment in Westminster.

She wrote: 'Paddy so excited to come round to mine for coffee #awwwbless. Really lovely to see him :)'

Bemused onlookers tweeted about the unlikely duo afterwards, with one saying: 'Just spotted Paddy from #cbb #gypsywedding in Parliament with Sally Bercow. Winner of most bizarre celebrity pairing surely?'

Best friends: Sally posted this picture of her and Paddy sharing a coffee in parliament after they appeared on the show

Leggy: Sally donned a fitting black dress on Monday and the same black heels to raise money for charity

Sally and Paddy were reunited for the first time since she was voted off the show last month.

The formed a special bond in the luxury Elstree pad, often having in-depth chats on the couch, and invited each other to spend time at each other's homes.

Sally has even said she would like to take part in the reality show Wife Swap with Paddy.

The mother-of-three did the news review on This Morning before she joined Paddy on the couch with hosts Holly Willouhby and Phillip Schofield.

Viewers took to Twitter to lambast her dress sense, with one saying: 'Sally bercow looks like she's just fallen out of a nightclub on itv. Yuk.'

Another said: 'Should act as a warning to all teenagers: Stick on too much slap and you too could look as ridiculous as Nick Ferrari or Sally Bercow.'

Sally and Paddy looked extremely cosy on the ITV couch with the Irishman greeting his friend affectionately.

Gushing: Sally couldn't hide her excitement about reunited with Paddy and shared the meeting with her followers

He laughed: 'You saw me touch her leg there? I have an awful habit of touching people. One of these days I'm going to get a punch 'You're touching me woman.'

Philip asked if Sally would still visit Paddy.

She said 'Yeah I hope to, is the invite still on Pad?' to which he replied 'Yeah, a million times'.

Sally added: 'The only reason I was sad to go out after just a week was I'd formed such a great bond with Paddy and who would have though it? We got on really well.'

Paddy admitted: 'When she left, I swear on my life, I said "The woman I just got into, she's going. Why couldn't it be Bobby?" You know what i mean?' Because Bobby was like "I'm in love with myself".'

Happy families: Sally with Paddy and his son outside the ITV studios this morning

Sally drew cringes from the Big Brother audience when she immediately launched into a less-than-ladylike conversation with Amy Childs about intimate beauty treatments, just hours after entering the house.

She also admitted her husband was vehemently against her doing the show and told her fellow housemates she made him do the household chores.

Before entering the house she apparently told a friend she lured her husband on a dirty weekend to convince him to let her do the show.