'Can they still hear us?': News anchor mocks the Kardashians on air just seconds after interviewing Kim and Kourtney

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By Daily Mail Reporter

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Figures of fun: Kourtney and Kim talk earnestly about their next step towards world domination, unaware they are about to be mocked

In a world stuffed full of sycophantic presenters, it's refreshing when one is brave enough to burst a celebrity balloon.

So when Mike Jerrick of Philadelphia's Fox 29 morning show, Good Day, decided to mock and mimic the Kardashian sisters live on air just moments after wrapping up an interview with them, his co-host couldn't stop laughing.

The TV frontman immediately ridiculed the sisters' high pitched voices and even joked about their shoulder pads after his live video link conversation with the reality stars.

Giggles: Co-host Sheinelle Jones struggles to keep a straight face as Mike Jerrick mimics the sisters' voices and shoulder pads

After chatting with Kim, 30, and 32-year-old Kourtney Kardashian on the show, 61-year-old Jerrick couldn't contain his mirth.

As soon as they said their goodbyes to the Kardashians, who were promoting their Sears line at New York Fashion Week, his shoulders started shaking with laughter.
He asked co-host Sheinelle Jones: 'Can they still hear us?.'

Feeling the inspiration: Cheeky Jerrick has a glint in his eye as he listens to the girls talk about their Sears clothing line

Jerrick, who was the titular host on the Morning Show with Mike and Juliet until 2009, then proceeded to imitate the reality stars for their high-pitched voices and love of 80's style shoulder pads.

Jones half-heartedly attempted to defend the sisters, insisting through guffaws: 'I think they're stunning.'

But even she couldn't keep a straight face as her co-host continued to speak in a nasal Kardashian-esque voice.

Sears hopes that the Kardashians will help draw a younger, more image-conscious customer to the store.

Agreement: Jones tries to get Jerrick to behave but can't stop laughing herself

John Goodman, executive vice president of apparel and home, told GMA: 'When you think of Sears you think of appliances, you think of tools. How do you get people's perception to change around clothing and apparel?

'That's where the girls are going to do an amazing job - bringing in a new audience.'

The line features designs inspired by the three sisters, including Khloe, 27, who was not interviewed by the show.

Resignation: Jones gives in and starts laughing openly herself