'I was nervous about posing in my bikini': Amy Childs shows off her post Big Brother figure as she talks love, reality TV and what's next


By Sarah Fitzmaurice

Wild thing: Amy Childs poses in a leopard print monoki as she talks about her figure, men and life post- Big Brother for new! magazine

She admitted she was apprehensive about posing in her bikini but Amy Childs needn’t have worried.

The Celebrity Big Brother babe has showed off her fabulous figure in a series of shots for new! Magazine showing the two-week stint inside the house clearly hasn’t done her any harm.

The 21-year-old has revealed her curves in a sparkling gold two-piece as well as showing off her wild side in a leopard print mono-kini ensemble.

Before heading into the house there were concerns over her recent weight loss but Amy says she wasn’t worried about putting weight on inside the house.

She told the magazine: ‘No, not at all. I’m the same weight. Although I ate so much Haribo thanks to Jedward!’

While the reality star might have been disappointed about coming fourth in the show, not that she has shown it, she was pleased with what she found waiting for her outside the house.

Golden girl: Amy showed off her curves in a gold two-piece as she revealed she still has a soft spot for ex-boyfriend Kirk and she has lots of plans in the pipeline

Reality star: Amy came fourth in Celebrity Big Brother last week and says she has lots of projects planned for the future

The former TOWIE star was greeted by her ex-boyfriend and former co-star Kirk Norcross and the Essex babe has revealed she wished he had been inside the house with her.

She said: ‘If Kirk was in the house… I wish he had been. We have always been on and off. There’s loads of chemistry.

And while the former beautician has admitted she is jealous when Kirk gets with other girls she said she wasn’t sure she could have him as a boyfriend.

After admitting it would be hard because of his ex-girlfriend and TOWIE co-star Lauren Pope she said: ‘And he needs to grow up. He gets bored quickly and doesn’t last with a girlfriend. We tried and it didn’t work, but I’ll be honest with you, I’ll always have a soft spot for him.’

But Amy also hasn't ruled anything out with her most recent beau, Joe Hurlock, 24, who had planned to propose before the couple split before she entered the house.

She said: 'Never say never with Joe.'

Amy also says she doesn't have any regrets about leaving the show that made her famous and has spoken of her plans post-Big Brother.

She said: 'My manager’s got so much to talk to me about, from clothes and make-up deals, to TV projects.'
Read the full interview in this week's New! magazine on sale now.