Don't cry, Kerry! Housemates cheer up birthday girl Katona with surprise party, sexy stripping and an emotional group hug

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Dry your eyes: Birthday girl Kerry Katona has an emotional moment in the Big Brother diary room

Kerry Katona's 31st birthday was definitely one to remember as she celebrated her special day in the Big Brother house.

The former pop star was treated to a surprise party, a couple of strip shows and a slice of garlic bread as she turned another year older.

But it wasn't all laughter and leather shorts for the birthday girl, as she spent some of her day crying in the diary room.

Birthday girl: Kerry reflects on turning 31 in the Big Brother house and explains that she doesn't really celebrate her big day

Big Brother asked the star how it felt being in the house on her birthday to which Kerry replied: '31 today and what a great way to spend it.'

The star then became teary eyed as she spoke of her joy of seeing the Big Brother experience through to the end and why she chose to do it for her children.

'I've embarrassed my kids enough in the past,' she said. 'I'm doing this for them and standing on my won two feet. I've messed up enough.'

Pizza express: the housemates endure a messy task as they race against each other to make the perfect pizza

The mother of five continued to dwell on her destructive past and said she'll always be embarrassed by what she's done.

'I never want to go back to that life again,' she sobbed. 'I was in a really unhappy marriage, doing loads of drugs. I wasn't the best mum.'

The day perked up for the reality TV star as the housemates were issued a pizza making task.

Dressed as chefs and waiters in the garden, the two teams raced against each other to make a pizza with the chefs attached to bungy cords on a blow up runway.

The messy take resulted in a food fight and left Kerry in much better spirits, although the best was yet to come.

Striptease: X Factor twins Jedward decide to give Kerry a special birthday treat as the other housemates look on

Even though her team lost the task, and the chance to tuck into take away pizza, Kerry enjoyed a slice of loser's garlic bread whilst Jedward secretly begged Big Brother to help them throw her a surprise party.

As Kerry was called into the diary room for another heartfelt conversation, the store room was opened up and housemates had a limited time to decorate the house for birthday girl Kerry.

Balloons were blown up and a birthday cake was decorated as Kerry sat in the diary room chair and said she doesn't always celebrate her birthday.

Anti-climax: John and Edward throw their towels to reveal tight shorts and hand drawn tattoos

Much to her surprise, the housemates sung happy birthday to Kerry on her return and continued the party in the garden.

Not satisfied with just a party, X Factor twins, Jedward decided to give a Kerry an extra surprise - in the form of a striptease.

As their fellow housemates laughed along, John and Edward placed Kerry in a chair and stripped down to their shorts revealing hand drawn tattoos proclaiming their love for the ex-Atomic Kitten singer.

But this wasn't the end of Kerry's birthday treats.

The Full Monty: the remaining male housemates decide to perform their own striptease for Kerry as Amy Childs looks on

Determined not to be in the shadow of the hyperactive twins, the remaining male housemates decided to go one step further and perform their own 'Full Monty' routine for Kerry.

Bobby, Darryn, Paddy and Lucien practised their routine in the bedroom and managed to blag some music for their show.

The dodgy dance routine consisted of paparazzo Darryn playing with bananas, Lucien taking himself far too seriously and Paddy playing it safe in case his wife was watching.

Needless to say, Kerry - who had glammed herself up for the occasion wearing a strapless dress that showed off the large tattoo on her back - thoroughly enjoyed her birthday party and ended the night on good spirits.

Stripping off: Coronation street star, Lucien wears a bow tie and sunglasses as he dances for the birthday girl

Reflecting on their time in the house, the finalists bundled into the diary room and shared their best moments with each other.

Model Bobby revealed that he loved the Wizard of Oz task, where he dressed up as Dorothy, because he got to know Kerry as a person.

But bubbly Kerry said her favourite memory was the twin task in which she had to mimic Paddy, with the pair eventually winning the challenge.

The shock announcement came from trouble makers, Jedward, as they apologised for terrorising their fellow housemates and for all the 'noise, mess and splashing you with water.'

The group ended the night with a big group hug and probably went to bed wondering who will be crowned winner Celebrity Big Brother 2011.

Group hug: the housemates celebrate making it to the final of Celebrity Big Brother 2011

Jedward - Brushing each others teeth - Celebrity Big Brother Day 21

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