A bigger size might have been better! TOWIE's Gemma Collins struggles to squeeze her curves into a tight swimsuit in Marbs


By Holly Thomas

Can't contain her curves; Gemma Collins was falling out of her swimming costume in Marbellak

She's always celebrated her womanly figure, as her TOWIE co-stars deny themselves carbs to maintain their svelte frames.

But while Gemma Collins' tenacity and bubbly confidence are always to be admired, it appears that she occasionally needs to take firmer measures to control her curves.

The 31-year-old was seen busting out of her swimming costume poolside at her resort in Marbella during her recent holiday.

Just hanging: Chilled-out Gemma clearly wasn't too bothered by the possibility f over-exposure

Gemma's leopard print creation was perhaps a little too small, as it appeared to struggle to contain her frame.

It didn't appear to bother the star too much however, as Gemma was clearly in full relaxation mode, sunning herself on a lounger and chatting away on her mobile.

She did cover up with a blue kaftan after a while though, perhaps a little concerned that she was in danger of revealing a little too much.

Better safe than sorry! Gemma put a kaftan on to ensure that she didn't show more than she intended

Should've gone for a bigger size? Perhaps Gemma deliberately pulled her top down to ensure an even tan

Little back pain? Perhaps Gemma could have done with a massage during her break

Went make-up free: Gemma saved herself the bother of applying the usual TOWIE slap

Gemma also took the precaution of wearing a red sun hat to protect her face for some of the sunbathing session.

Meanwhile James 'Arg' Argent recently took to his Twitter page to comment on how stunning Gemma was looking in Marbella.

He tweeted: 'Look who has just come to meet me for drinks! @missgemcollins an how beautiful does she look! #Marbs.'

Tough time: Gemma is reportedly hurt that her TOWIE co-star Arg isn't as serious about a potential relationships as she is

Took one for the team: Gemma is said to have kissed Arg last season for the sake of the show, but secretly hoped it would lead to more

The pair shared a kiss and sexual encounter last season on TOWIE, but it appears that Gemma and Arg are on different pages about where their relationship will go from here.

Friends fear that Mr Argent isn't taking the relationship seriously, and is even rather embarrassed to have kissed his co-star on the show.

Unfortunately Gemma appears to be rather more invested in the relationship. with insiders saying that the situation is getting her down, prompting her to comfort eat.

Covered up: Gemma sensibly wore a hat some of the time to protect her face against the sun

Quick adjustment: Gemma made sure she was comfortable before resuming her sunbathing session

That's better! Gemma looked much happier back in her reclining position

To make matters worse, Arg has apparently been lapping up the female attention in Marbella.

'Gemma is crushed,' an insider told heat magazine. 'She thought there could be something there and had strong feelings for him.'

Gemma was spotted tucking into a giant bag of Cheetos as she relaxed by the pool in Marbella on Tuesday.

She lost three stone last year but has since put the weight back on, saying she didn't feel herself at a slimmer size 14.

Who's that you're talking to? Gemma looked a little stressed during the conversation, chewing her plait

Looked upset: Let's hope poor Gemma wasn't getting any bad news

Deserves some answers: Friends agree that TOWIE co-star Arg's treatment on Gemma hasn't been fair

Gemma told The Sun: 'Why do I want to become a diet bore? For me, it’s not about getting stick-thin, it’s about feeling happy in myself. I wasn’t happy when I lost weight.'

'I went down to a size 14. But was I happy at the end of it? No. It zapped the personality out of me.'

'I think I look absolutely amazing,' she said. 'Whether that’s right or wrong, I’m an inspiration to people.'

'Don’t sit there worrying about getting into a bikini or even not booking a holiday because you are fat. You only live once, go for it.'

Checking her tan? Gemma's picked up a healthy-looking natural tan during her break